Nail Care

manicure1Nails are dead tissue. They grow from a matrix of living flesh. It takes six months for a complete nail to grow.

Nail Care Procedure

• Remove nail enamel from the nail. Leave no trace. Use cotton and remover to do so.

• Immerse hands in a bowl of warm water. Add some soap and a pinch of salt to it.

• Apply cream in the cuticle and all around the nails.

• Using a soft brush, clean the nails.

• Scrub hands with pumice stone.

• Cut the nails with a cutter.

• Use a file to smooth them.

• Remove any dirt from the nails. Change the water and mix antiseptic solution into it.

• Apply cream and massage your hands to remove dead skin cells. This will increase blood circulation through your hands and make them soft.

• As you finish with the massage, apply cream to your hands. This will prevent wrinkles problem from growing and will make the skin tight. Your hands will feel fresh.

• Use a buffer to polish your nails; it will increase the blood circulation and give your nails a shiny look. Apply nail polish in two coats. Allow the first coat to dry, then apply second one.

Nail Needs following:

Every morning, drink a glass of milk to which two tablespoons of gelatin have been added. You can also drink juice instead of milk. This will avoid brittle nails that easily break.

To make your hands soft, mix them in a mixture of honey and orange for ten minutes. Dry your hands and then apply cream.

Lemon juice can be used as a whitening agent. It also helps in removing stains from fingers and nails. Use it for about 15 to 20 minutes, then clean hands with warm water and dry them. Follow this with a moisturizer cream.

Every day, take calcium tablets along with milk or juice to make your bones stronger, as well as nails and teeth. Use rosewater to remove any scars made by detergent or hard soaps.

Daily exercise your hands – that means a workout. Bend your fingers across 10-20 times every day.