Nail Polish Tips: Helping It Stay Longer

Nail Polish

Applying nail polish can be really tacky. It requires great amount of hand control in order to get desired results, but when you do achieve it, it’s all worth the trouble.

What’s not so amazing is when you are finally enjoying the look of nails and quite satisfied with the great job you have just done, you accidentally smudge it.

Nail Polish

Will you redo it? I suppose you would have to, unless you feel comfortable wearing smudged nail polish.

Want To Know Tricks To Prevent Smudge?

Here are few tricks you need to learn to avoid smudge and prevent your nails from early chipping too.

Ensure Cleanliness Of Your Nails.

Our nails naturally produce oil to moisturize it. However, oil also prevents nail polish from strongly sticking to your nails. So occasionally remove oil from its surface even if you are not going to polish it.

Ensure cleanliness of nails

Base Coat Before Nail Polish.

Apply base coat first because it has stronger hold to nail polish. There are many base coats to choose from in the market. Also try Opi Nail Treatment Start to Finish.

Never Do Polish Thickly.

If you want your nail polish to completely dry from the surface and underneath, do not apply a thick coat. Majority of manicure done in salons are done in two coats only.

Another trick is to apply nail polish with texture, such as those with shimmer and glittering particles. It will help in making your polish longer lasting.

Never Do Polish Thickly

Never Leave Nail Tips Unpolished.

It will help prevent polish from chipping because it usually starts at the edges. So when you apply, include the front end of your nails.

Clear Topcoat Application.

This actually refers to applying your base coat again. The purpose of this second layer is to extend the life of the polish. Also maintain the freshness of your nail polish by applying this occasionally.

Clear topcoat application

Let It Dry Properly.

Give your polish enough time to dry. You may think it is dry after 15 minutes. You’re wrong. Usually, the time it will take for the polish to dry is 45 minutes to an hour. Afterwards, dip your nails in cold water for a few minutes, then moisturize.

Let it dry properly