Natural Beauty Recipes For Smooth Skin

smooth skinNothing can flatter a woman more than a naturally smooth skin. Most of us only keep dreaming of having a smooth skin but hardly do anything to achieve it. We just give up thinking smooth skin is just an illusion and it involves a lot of expensive cosmetic solutions.

You would be surprised to know how easily you can get a smooth skin. All you need is some patience and time. Smooth skin, unlike what most of you think, can be achieved by anyone. Simply grab a bowl and try the following 5 best natural recipes for a smooth skin.

Natural Ways To Get Smooth Skin

Sugar And Glycerine Scrub

You must have heard people over stressing the importance of scrubbing. It is true, scrubbing is the most important step for getting a smooth skin. It exfoliates the dead cells on the body, giving a radiant glow.


Grab some sugar and add some glycerine to it. Now when you go for your shower, simply use this as a scrub. Scrub your entire body using it. Sugar removes the dead cells and the glycerine gives your body the required moisture that is robbed off by scrubbing and keeps it supple and soft. 

Yoghurt And Honey Scrub

Yoghurt stimulates blood flow in the skin. Honey, on the other hand, moisturises your skin. Together these two make for a very good natural beauty recipe for smooth skin.

honey and yogurt

Honey also has a great antibacterial property which would help a great deal in disinfecting your skin. So use this scrub at least once in every week for a smoother-looking skin. Make sure you use this scrub fresh, do not refrigerate it or you will lose its benefits. 

Gram Flour, Yoghurt, Olive Oil And Turmeric

Take 4 spoonfuls of gram flour. Add a pinch of turmeric powder, one spoonful of olive oil and two and half spoonful of yoghurt. Mix everything well together. Apply it on your dry body before the shower.

olive oil

Let it dry for sometime. Once it dries completely, slowly exfoliate by rubbing off the mixture off your body. Be very gentle. This natural beauty recipe works wonders for getting a smooth skin. You may take a shower thereafter, but make sure you apply some body lotion once you are done with your shower. 

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Banana, Honey And Milk

I know this might sound more like a shake but yes it is a natural recipe for smooth skin. Mash one banana properly. Now add two spoonful of honey to it and two spoons of milk.

banana milk honey

Mix all three well together. Apply it gently everywhere on your skin. Let it stay for sometime. After around 15-20 minutes wash yourself up with luke warm water. This recipe leaves your skin smooth and supple. 

Orange Peel Powder With Curd

orange peel powder

Dry some orange peels and then powder it in a mixer. You can also get the orange peel powder straight from the market. Add some curd to it. Use this natural scrub on your body to exfoliate gently. This recipe would surely leave your skin feeling smoother and brighter. It will also make you smell fresh as oranges.