Natural Care For Sensitive Skin

sensitive skinSensitive skin requires special care because it can get irritated by any product. For this reason, if you have sensitive skin, you should handle it carefully.

Additionally, you can implement certain strategies for maintaining the glow of your sensitive skin. To know more about the strategies you can use for dealing with sensitive skin, read on.

Best Natural Care For Sensitive Skin

Opt For A Gentle Cleanser

If you possess sensitive skin, avoiding harsh cleansers should be your first step. This is because many cleansers possess chemicals that inflame sensitive skin. For this reason, opting for a gentle cleanser is crucial.


Also, if you feel that the cleanser you are currently using is making your skin too dry, it is better to switch on to the one that retains moisture of your skin. Remember that if your skin becomes excessively dry, it will be forced to produce more oil. This in turn, will cause acne and pimples.

Go For Fragrance-Free Cosmetics

Many of us love using fragrant products because of the lovely smell they produce. However, if you have sensitive skin, it is better to avoid such products. This is because chemicals are used for creating these artificial fragrances, which in turn, irritate the skin. Instead, go for products that contain herbal ingredients.

Use Oil Free Moisturizers And Topical Solutions

For keeping your skin hydrated, choosing an oil free moisturizer is a great idea. For best results, use moisturizers that contain SPF as well. If you have acne, your doctor may prescribe you topical solutions, such as, Retin A. Unfortunately, using such a topical solution can make your sensitive skin break into rashes.

oil free moisturizer

For staying on the safe side, you can opt for a product that contains the lowest amount of Retin A. It is also crucial to understand that apart from the type of product you use, the way you apply it is also important. For best results, use the solution at night, after cleaning and drying your skin completely.

Be Careful About The Washcloth You Are Using

Most people who have sensitive skin worry about the products they are using, while ignoring cleanliness of the washcloth. They do not use clean washcloths every day, with the result that the skin breaks into acne and rashes regularly. For avoiding such a situation, using clean washcloths everyday is important. Understand the fact that clean washcloths touch your skin directly and for this reason, it is important to make sure that they are germ-free.

Avoid Exfoliation At Any Cost

People with sensitive skin often mistakenly think that exfoliation will help them to clear their skin. However, such a strategy can make the skin break into acne. It activates the bacteria, which may later spread to other areas of the face. Therefore, avoiding exfoliation is a good idea.


It is true that if you have sensitive skin, you may have to work harder for maintaining it. However, if take care of your skin properly, there’s no reason why it should not glow and look healthy at any time of the year.