6 Natural Cure For Allergies

6 Natural Cure For Allergies

The human body is very susceptible to all kinds of infections and allergy happens to be one of them. Allergies can make a person irritable and hamper the routine activities of the person.

Though there are various types of medicines available in the market that can cure your allergy in due course of time, it is always better to use natural methods and cures to cure the problem. These natural cures do not have any side-effects on the body and cure the person in a much faster and better manner, ensuring that the allergy does not return.

Best Natural Cure for Allergies

Nutritional Supplements

The body becomes allergic to certain substances and cannot tolerate them if the immune system of the body becomes weak and it cannot fight off infections easily.

nutrition suppliment

Taking nutritional supplements will give a huge boost to your immune system and help cure your allergies very rapidly. Vitamin C, A, B5 and Omega 3 fatty acids supplements should be taken on a regular basis to cure allergies the natural way.


Herbs like licorice root, butterbur and astragalus are very effective in curing all types of allergies. Allergies are often accompanied by itching and rashes.Consuming these herbs in either capsule or tea form not only eradicates the allergy but also reduces the itching and rashes to a great extent.

herbel medician

In order to make herbal tea, just take 2 teaspoons of any of these herbal extracts and boil it in 1 cup of water for 10 minutes. Strain and drink just like tea. You can add sugar if required.


Quercetin contains flavoniod named anti-oxidants which helps to reduce the inflammation which is often accompanied with allergies. It is also effective in treating the allergy altogether. This component is commonly found in apple’s skin, all types of berries, grapes which are red in color and red colored-onions.You should consume these food items in good quantities if experiencing any kind of allergy. You can also take quercetin supplements if required.


Foods To Eat

Eat a lot of apricots, carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, kale and spinach when you suffer from any kind of allergy. The reason behind it is that they contain carotenoids which are effective in treating allergy and the associated problems like inflammation and swelling.

food to eat

Try to incorporate at least 2 to 3 servings of these food items to fight off allergy in a natural manner.

Foods To Avoid

If you are suffering from allergy, you should strictly avoid food items like egg and egg yolks, shellfish, spicy foods and red meat. These types of foods contain arachidonic acid which is capable of increasing the allergy and the inflammation and itching associated with it.Avoid these items for a while after the allergy is cured or else the allergy may relapse.

avoid rich food

Apple Cider

Combine half a cup of apple cider vinegar along with half a cup of lukewarm water. You can add a little bit of sugar or honey to sweeten the mixture.

apple cidar vinegar

Drink it twice every day when you develop an allergy towards anything to cure the allergy in an absolutely natural and very effective manner.