Natural Cure for Arthritis in Hands

arthritis in fingers

Natural Cure for Arthritis in HandsMillions of people all over the world are victims of arthritis which is the most common form of paralysis and disability in the world. Arthritis is mostly found in the fingers and the hands in most of the patients though inflammations can also occur in one’s knee, back, elbows or hips.

Our hands and fingers are the one of the most functional parts of our body; hence the condition of arthritis in one’s hands is uncomfortable and disabling. Compared to chemical medication, natural remedies are easier and healthier. Hence, follow these 9 simple ways to ease arthritis in hands.

Natural Cure for Arthritis in Hands

Hand Exercises and Therapies

Exercises which will help strengthen your fingers and hand should be done routinely. This will help release some amount of pain you experience in your hands gradually.

Hand Exercises and Therapies

Experts also recommend acupuncture in which several pressure points can be focused on, to alleviate your distress.

Topical Remedies

Topical remedies include essential oils like olive oil, lavender, castor oil, eucalyptus oil, ginger oil which effectively heals arthritis. Mix a few drops of ginger oil in almond oil in a 1:4 ratio and massage onto the painful areas. Similarly, one can use a warm mixture of olive and lavender oil. Castor oil can be applied over the area twice daily. Eucalyptus oil can also be applied directly followed by a plastic wrap and steamed towels in intervals.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

Possessing anti –inflammatory properties, consuming a 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with a glass of warm water and honey daily will greatly help in reducing the stiffness and relieving the pain caused due to arthritis.

Fruit and Vegetables

Raw potato juice made overnight, may be consumed every morning on an empty stomach, also cherry juice consumed twice a day, especially black cherry juice will give you much needed relief by easing the joint- pain.

Hot and Cold Compresses

A towel soaked in hot water applied continuously on your fingers and hands will help drive out the pain. Follow this with a gentle exercise.

Warm Compresses

Cold compresses include ice packs which are applied on the hand covered with a thin towel to two or three fingers at a time.


Garlic contains allicin which prevents the arthritis from worsening and reduces the inflammation. Raw or cooked garlic can be consumed. Also a mixture of garlic and mustard oil heated together can be applied on your hand 3-4 times a day.

Use Turmeric

Use Turmeric

A natural antiseptic, turmeric can be consumed with warm water or with warm milk and honey. One can also apply a paste of turmeric and mustard on the inflamed region, keep it for thirty minutes and wash it off with slightly warm water.

Epsom salt

Epsom Salts

Containing magnesium, Epsom salts reduces the swelling caused by arthritis. Soak your hands in a warm bath of hot water and two cups of Epsom salts for thirty minutes daily. You may also add juniper oil, and rock salt for added relief.

Other Alternatives

Consuming a mixture of honey and cinnamon powder daily, on an empty stomach, consuming crude blackstrap molasses dissolved in water, or golden raisins soaked in gin for 72 hours can work effectively in reducing pain in the fingers.

Lastly, herbs and plants like alfalfa, black cohosh, and angelica are anti-inflammatory and can be consumed as tea or in warm water.