Natural Cure For Bed Bugs

bed bug cures

Bed bugs are extremely irritating insects which can make your bed their home and be the reason for sleepless and troublesome nights. They make your mattress, clothes and even headboards places to hide and reside and can be found at anyone’s home.

However, there are many natural cures and remedies to remove these bugs from your beds and clothes and ensure that they never return to cause trouble for you again. Most natural cures are very easy to follow and will help you get a sound and undisturbed sleep every night.

Natural Cure For Bed Bugs


You should vacuum all those furniture items which you suspect have become home for bed bugs in a thorough manner. These include the mattresses, drapes, sofas and any upholstered furniture, especially the ones near the bed.

Also vacuum the frames, boards and side table next to the bed along with the carpets in your room. This will help to reduce the number of bugs on the surface while a little more effort may be needed to get the hiding bugs onto the surface.

vaccum cleaning

Washing And Drying

Wash your mattresses, pillows and pillow covers and the bed sheets in hot water and dry them under the sun directly for 3 to 4 hours.

Bugs love to reside in dark, moist and soft places and with the strong rays of the sun falling on all these bedding items, you can be rest assured that not a single bug will be able to survive and thrive on your mattress any more.

cleaning mattress

Steam Treatment

Steam is another way to kill these bed bugs naturally. You can rent a steamer and steam all your bedding items at a temperature between 110 to 120 degrees so that the bugs are unable to resist such high temperatures and get killed immediately. You must steam the beddings for at least 10 to 15 minutes to ensure that even those bugs get killed which are residing deep inside the mattress or carpet.

bed steaming

Black Walnut

Take the extracts of the leaves of black walnut and keep them near your bed at night. They possess astringent properties and help to keep the bugs at bay. They also work as a natural insecticide to kill bed bugs.

Black Walnut

Herbal Oils

Herbs like lavender, tea tree, thyme and eucalyptus have been proven to be quite effective in naturally curing the problem of bed bugs. Use the oil of these herbal products to get rid of all the bed bugs in your home. Bugs cannot withstand the smell of these oils and most of them die immediately.

You can spray these oils in your bedroom or other rooms at night before you go off to sleep. Another way to use these oils is by placing a small jar of any of these oils near your bedside every night.


Boric Acid

The use of boric acid is becoming more and more common for killing bed bugs and removing them permanently. Sprinkle boric acid in those places where the bugs feed or hide and let it remain for a day or 2. However, care should be taken the acid does not come in direct contact with the mattress. It also helps to stop the bugs from migrating from one area of the home to another.

Boric Acid