Natural Cure For Bedwetting

bedwettingBedwetting is a common problem amongst children between the ages of 4 to 12. There are different reasons why children wet their beds and the urination is mostly beyond their control. However, this problem can be cured without the use of medicines which may have side-effects on the child’s developing body.

Natural cures and remedies provide rapid relief from the problem and cure the problem on a permanent basis. There are various factors which combine together and make a child wet his bed. Natural cures treat all these problems in a rapid and effective manner.

How To Cure Bedwetting Naturally

Keeping Your Child Well Covered

Studies reveal that children who feel cold or wear short clothes during the night are more likely to wet their beds as compared to those who don’t. You should dress your child in night suits which have full sleeves and are long in length. Also ensure that your child uses a warm blanket when sleeping. Try to get up 2 to 3 times at night to check whether your child is still using the blanket or has removed it in his sleep.

Mental Well-Being

The mental well-being of a child has a direct effect on his habit of bedwetting. If a child is emotionally unstable, easily irritable, gets nervous quickly, takes a lot of stress and tension and feels sudden anxiety, he is more prone to wet his bed to relieve himself off all these problems. Such children find it very difficult to express the problems or mental stress that they are facing and find comfort in ways such as bedwetting.

mental well being

Talk to your child about things that are bothering him. This will help him to open up to you, talk about his problems and find comfort in your shelter. He is sure to wet his bed less than before if he is assured of being in a comfortable and supportive environment.


Acupressure is one of the best natural cures for bedwetting in children. As the child is unable to contain his urine, it means that he has a weak bladder and his kidney may not be strong enough.

An acupressure point which will provide strength to the kidney is found near the ankle. Press the point between the ankle bone that ejects out and the back of the ankle for 2 minutes before bedtime with your thumbs to reduce bedwetting.

Hot Water Pack

hot water pack

Take a bottle full of hot water or a hot pack and apply it to the lower abdominal area and lower back portion of your child which forms the base of the child’s spine. The hot pack should be left on both these areas for 5 minutes or till the child starts feeling the warmth of the pack or bottle. This will reduce bedwetting immensely.


If your child is a heavy sleeper and gets up from his sleep only after having wet his bed, try massaging the very top most portion of the back crown of your child’s head for around 3 minutes before he goes off to sleep. This will help them to be alert towards the signals that his body sends to his brain when it wishes to excrete urine.