Natural Cure For Blood Clots

Blood ClotsThe most important component in a human being’s body is blood which flows to all the organs of our body and supplies oxygen to them. The normal flow of blood is very important for a healthy body and healthy living.

However, many a times it so happens that blood clots start forming in our body and hamper the normal functioning and flow of body, thus causing a lot of damage to us. These clots, if left untreated, may prove to be dangerous for our major organs in the body and even prove fatal. Try these natural cures to treat your bloods clots in an effective and quick manner.

Best Natural Cure For Blood Clots

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is an excellent natural cure for blood clots as consuming it in good quantities helps to prevent our blood platelets from sticking together.

Cayenne Pepper

It is these platelets which stick to one another and form clots. Include cayenne pepper in one meal per day for quicker results.

 Vitamin C

This vitamin is very essential for people who experience a lot of blood clots in their body. Vitamin C contains anti oxidizing properties and helps to maintain a proper vascular state in the body.


Celery is commonly used to cure blood clots as they contain a compound which is active in nature and helps to lower the stress hormone in our body. This stress hormone is responsible for thinning or narrowing down the blood vessels in our body.


If they get lowered down the problem of blood clots get solved to a great extent and the optimum diameter is maintained by the blood vessels.

 Exercise Regularly

One of the simplest ways to cure blood clot is by exercising regularly. Walk every day, swim or ride a cycle for 30 to 45 minutes to dissolve blood clots rapidly. You can ask a friend or family member to accompany you.

 Sitting And Standing Posture

Patients who suffer from blood clots should avoid sitting and standing in one posture for a long time. They should also avoid sitting for prolonged periods as this can increase the blood clots to a great extent.

Sitting And Standing Posture

Keep moving around the house and engage yourself in some activity or the other. This will make your body flexible and increase the blood circulation in your body.

 Avoid Obesity

Obesity is a great risk factor for patients suffering from blood clot and aggravates the problem to a great extent. Try to keep your weight well within the ideal body weight and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle to do so.

 Wear Light Fitting Clothes

It is strongly recommended that if blood clots form in your body from time to time, you should wear absolutely light fitting garments and avoid all types of tight fitting clothes. Tight fitting clothes can prevent the blood from moving freely and may increase the problem of blood clots immensely.



Sassafras is an herb which is quite effective in treating blood clots. It can be easily found at any naturopath store. Take the extracts of Sassafras and boil them in water to make tea. You can add a little bit of honey. Strain and drink just like tea. You will get a lot of relief from the problem of blood clots in a few weeks.

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