Natural Cure For Carpal Tunnel

Carpal TunnelThe syndrome of carpal tunnel arises when the mid nerve running from the front arm towards the hand gets wrenched towards the wrist. The application of pressure towards the nerve is caused by the inflammation in the ligaments. The mid nerve gets alerted through signals from the cerebrum to keep a hold on the fingers, hands etc.

The syndromes cause swelling and are very common and normal in nature. A repetitive pressure due to an excessive use of hands, fingers and the wrist causes pain and people affected with such a disease tend to find difficulty in typing, buttoning the shirt etc.

Carpal tunnel syndrome even takes place in women who are pregnant as the fluid which is built in the tissues of the arms tends to apply pressure towards the mid nerve. The signs of this syndrome are grief, numbness etc and it is commonly noticed that this syndrome is chronic in men than women. There are various ways through which one can overcome this syndrome without much effort and they are:

Best Natural Cures For Carpal Tunnel


Exercises are good and healthy for an individual and helps in getting away with such pain. Firstly, by getting hold of the wrist with the other hand a movement in a circular motion is recommended since it helps in the circulation of the fluid jammed inside and provides relief.


Secondly, stretches of hands should be done slowly and the motions which are not painful should be adopted. Sleeping with the arms hanging over the corner is the best posture during this problem. Lastly, arms should be kept raised and softly exercising of fingers is recommendatory.

An Effect Of Acupressure Or Acupuncture


Pressure applied towards exact points of the body helps in relieving the pain and provides relief. The jammed ways can be opened up through the minute needles by the acupuncturist and it provides normal functioning of the wrist. By a release of the blocked vigor the discomfort may be done away with and acupressure helps in stimulating circulation of blood.

Benefits Of Frozen Water

The packs of ice and cubes of ice are very effective and beneficial. The muscles around the hand react well to the therapy with the ice.

Frozen Water

The therapy if done twice each day for about twenty to thirty minutes helps in minimization of swelling and reduction of pain. For an instant relief dipping the wrists, fingers in icy cold water is recommended.

A Healthy Diet

A healthy diet can improve the symptoms of any disease to a great extent. Meals which are enriched with vitamin B6 like beef, chickpea, potatoes etc. should be taken as this helps in alleviation of inflammations and fried and spicy foods should be all abstained from.


Alcohols, cigarettes or coco and caffeine contribute to the worsening of symptoms and fresh leafy vegetables should be increased in the consumption. A proper consultation and guidance should be adhered to incase of supplemental intakes.

An Effect Of Herbs

valerian root

The herbs play a great role in cleansing and purifying the system. The herbs like roots of the valerian, the barks of white willow should all be soaked in warm water for a long night and should be sieved next day. The pain in the nerves can be done away with the sip of herbal tea.

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