Natural Cure For Incontinence

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incontinenceThe inability of a person to hold urine in the bladder is known as urinary incontinence. This problem is marked by urine leakage and sudden intense urinary urge. This problem is quite common among women.

Chronic constipation, weak pelvic floor, weakness due to childbirth, or lack of estrogen are some of the causes of this ailment. Herbs along with other natural remedies can be of great help in treating this problem.

Natural Cure For Incontinence


This is one of the proven herbal remedies for problems related to bladder. Gosha- jinki- gan is a blend of several herbs. Various studies conducted in Japan have shown that this herbal remedy improves urinary urgency, nighttime urination, frequency and also the quality of life in women with the problems of overactive bladder. Researchers believe that this herbal supplement helps in increasing the capacity of the bladder and decreases the contractions of the bladder due to its effect on the nervous-system.

Buchu – Barosma Betulina

Buchu – Barosma Betulina

This South African plant is used by the natives to treat various ailments including kidney infections and overactive bladder. This plant has diuretic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. This remedy acts as a tonic and improves the health of the urinary system. It nourishes and makes the bladder tissue healthier and supple.


The small hooked like hair on the surface of the leaves of this herbal plant helps it to attach or ‘cleave’ to anything it touches. Therefore, the plant is named as Cleavers. Due to its diuretic properties, the plant is used to treat urinary problems. Besides, it works as a soothing layer along the sides of the bladder-wall. This protects against irritation, which is one of the reasons for overactive bladder.

Vitamin D

This vitamin is helpful in absorbing calcium into the body, which helps in good bone health. Various studies show that it can reduce the possibility of incontinence.


Therefore, it is important to get adequate amounts of this vitamin to meet the daily requirement, which is about 600 IU per day for women. Fish, eggs and fortified milk are some of the sources of this vitamin.


You can include exercises that strengthen and keep the muscles of pelvic-floor in good shape. However, you need to be carefull about exercise gimmicks.


Investigate the claims made by the companies that promote the gadgets, which promises to tone-up the pelvic muscles. For example: The equipment that has to be used between the thighs will not strengthen these muscles. Follow some simple exercises that are recommended by your doctor.


This remedy may seem to be a bit strange, considering that you already have a problem with the bladder. However, being well-hydrated actually helps.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Cutting back on fluid intake can cause dehydration, which results in constipation. This irritates the nerves, which in turn triggers the bladder leading to the problem of incontinence. Stick to the suggested 8, eight-ounce glasses of water every day.


This mineral is quite important for proper functioning of nerves and muscles, which will ease the worries of incontinence.


According to experts magnesium helps in treating the problem as it reduces the muscle spasms and helps the bladder to clear completely. Besides supplements, you can include foods rich in magnesium like bananas, potatoes and corn in your daily diet.