7 Natural Cure For Menopause

7 Natural Cure For Menopause

Taking medications will only worsen the problem instead of solving it and this is the reason why most women opt for natural cures when facing this phase of life. These natural cures do not have any side effects and help the women to overcome this phase in the easiest manner possible.

Natural Cure For Menopause


Soy has a component named isoflavones which are plant estrogens and help in reducing complications like night sweats associated with menopause.


They ensure that the hormonal changes take place smoothly and the woman does not experience any problems. You can either eat a lot of tofu every day or drink a glass of soy milk during menopause.Do not take soy in powder form or tablets as they are not as effective.

Vitamin E

The vagina of a woman who experience menopause, becomes extremely dry and may lead to itching in the whole area. Applying vitamin E oil in this area on a regular basis will help to make the area lubricated and reduce the dryness. Do not apply this oil more than two times in a day.

vitamin e

Flaxseed Or Ground Oil

Lignans and omega-3 fatty acids are found in these oils which contain phytoestrogens which are quite effective during menopause as they reduce hot flashes. It is important to remember that flaxseed should not be consumed in whole forms as it doesn’t digest easily.It is therefore recommended to consume it in oil form only.

flexseed oil

Yoga And Meditation

Almost all women become irritable and experience mood swings in their menopause phase. They wish to remain idle and interact with as less people as possible. Register for some yoga and meditations classes either at home or at a healthy club and practice it every day to reduce mood swings, irritation and sleep disruption.


A healthy and calm mind is sure to overcome any kind of change in the body in an easier and rapid manner. Meditation also includes breathing exercises which increase the supply of oxygen in your body and make it healthier and more efficient.

Fresh Juices And Cold Drinks

Women in their menopause stage should drink a lot of water, fresh fruit juices and even cold drinks as they make you feel cooler and relax you to a great extent.


Fruits contain antioxidants and vitamins and help provide your body with strength and stability. A minimum of 12 glasses of water must be consumed every day during menopause.


Acupuncture can prove to be extremely helpful in treating the problems associated with menopause if it is combined with the above mentioned natural cures. It can provide a lot of relief to the person’s mind and give way to sound sleep.



Women experiencing menopause should resort to doing light exercising like walking, swimming or cycling at a normal pace as this ensures that they sleep well at night and take their mind off from the stress and tension which is related to menopause.