4 Natural Cure For PMS

4 Natural Cure For PMS

This is a worldwide problem faced by the ladies and nobody knows how to really deal with it, making it one of the annoying condition every month for a girl.

There is nothing that cannot be cured naturally including PMS and more people appear to be opting for them as they are more effective than the antibiotics,along with being more safe and affordable.

Some Of The Natural Cures For PMS

Discussed in the following are some of the natural cures how one can deal with PMS and the irritations and moods which come along with it.

Chasteberry (Agnus Castus) Extracts

This fruit has been found to be extremely helpful when it comes to dealing with PMS,which was also researched by a group of scientists.Chasteberry appears to help with the reduction of prolactin,besides which it in turn increases the production of progesterone in the blood.


These effects help to balance the hormones in women’s body and helping them to stay at ease. This is one of the most effective natural ways to deal with PMS and the pain caused due to it.

Regular Yoga

This again comes with the lifestyle and staying fit and in this busy world people somewhere have stopped taking care of their inner body which is the most important.


Yoga, with its techniques (positions, exercises) does not only helps to keep you fit, but also keeps your body functioning properly, by maintaining and regulating your system in an effect way.Regular yoga has been found to effective help with PMS and its symptoms.

Dandelion Root

This is another natural method which appears to relieve one from the stress of PMS.The dandelion root appears to be an extremely strong diuretic, which is any day better than the ones that you find in the medical stores.

Dandelion Root

This diuretic helps to remove the excess water and aids with the bloating feeling as well. Also, it benefits as it assists the liver in releasing more estrogen. It can be used in the form of herbal tea as well, which would help to deal with the pain and other symptoms of PMS.


This appears to be very effective when it comes to dealing with the bloating and the moodiness related to PMS. It also appears to be beneficial when it is in the form of tea as well, where it would it help relieve the whole feeling of PMS sinking in. Moreover, one can also try an aromatherapy with the use of it and inhaling it can provide great relief as well.

chamomile tea 1


Some people tend to have a more visible and higher level of PMS compared to others, as undoubtedly everybody is different and it is therefore important to know what cure might work the best for you.Knowing your own body is extremely necessary and not blindly follow something others say, hence it is better to consult a doctor or an expert in the field to make sure every thing falls in to place.