Natural Cure For Seizures

seizureA Seizure is a disorder related to central nervous system. This is manifested due to an abnormal and unwarranted release of a group of neurons (nerve cells) in the brain, which includes cortical cells as well. This disorder can cause loss of consciousness, amnesia and imbalanced emotions. It affects children and adults irrespective of their ethnic background or social classes.

Occasionally, food allergies are considered to be responsible for this condition and hence low-allergen diets are usually recommended for such individuals. Also, there are many organic treatments and natural cures that are considered to be useful to manage seizures, when they are used in combination with normal drugs. However, do consult your doctor before using these natural remedies.

Best Natural Cures For Serizures


This is one of the popular antispasmodic medications that are widely used in Germany and Russia. The anticonvulsant action of this herb is useful in treating seizures.


Recent studies have revealed that valerian can stimulate and improve your energy, concentration and coordination. Clinical studies have shown that valerian has neurotropic effects on the central-nervous-system. Another remarkable aspect of Valerian is that it does not have any toxic effect even after long term use.


This miracle herb is used by various cultures around the world. Salvia militiorrhiza is a Chinese variety and one of its constituents is a source of a tranquilizing agent without the side effects of the substance Valium.

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Librium and Valium are the benzodiazepines. These are prescribed to treat seizures since 1960. Benzodiazepines work on the B2 receptors that are present in the central-nervous-system.


Foods and vitamins have been studied clinically for their effects on seizures. Vitamins E and B1 have shown very good results. Some of the foods that are classified clinically as antiepileptic include:


White mustard, pignut hickory, blackbean, cowpea, chaya, Italian stone pine, tomato, opium poppy, almond, butternut, groundnut, buffalo gourd, soybean chives, Chinese cabbage, white lupine, ben nut, wheat, carob, and asparagus.

Dietary Intervention

Dairy foods and meat are bound to block the arteries, which hinders the flow of blood and oxygen. Thus, it is suggested to alter your diet and go for a vegan or/and raw foods. This would be quite beneficial in treating seizures.

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Natural foods (vegetables and fruits) will bring in more oxygen into our body unlike dairy and meat products. Hence, it prevents the clogging of the arteries owing to mucus buildup and arterial plaque. A ketogenic diet, which includes low carbohydrate, adequate protein and high-fat based foods are quite beneficial in treating this condition. This diet burns the fat instead of carbohydrates.


This ancient Chinese therapy is a process, which uses fine needles to pierce the meridian points in the specific parts of our body to get therapeutic response.


In Chinese medicine, meridians are defined as the conduits of the negative and positive energy, which carries communication to different parts of the body. According to Per Moffet, acupuncture stimulates the release of neurochemicals like serotonin, enkephalins and betaendorphins.

Yoga And Meditation

Meditation and yoga are practiced widely as an exercise to relieve mental stress. It improves behavioral and physical factors. The studies conducted on a group of members, who practiced yoga regularly showed a significant decrease in seizures.


Besides, great improvement was seen in parasympathetic parameters as well. Therefore, yoga can be practiced as an adjuvant remedy to manage autonomic dysfunction in people suffering from seizures.

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