6 Natural Cure For Thrush

6 Natural Cure For Thrush

Thrush is a problem which can affect a person of any age be it an adult, a child or elderly person. Though there are certain medicated creams and lotions which are able to cure the problem to a certain extent, it is strongly recommended to use natural and home cures to treat this problem.

Natural cures are really effective on thrush and show positive results in a few weeks time.Thrush is a problem, which if left untreated can reach out to the surrounding areas and spread at a rapid speed. Thus it gets important to cure it in as soon as it occurs.

Natural Cure For Thrush

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil contains anti-infection properties and helps to cure thrush in a completely natural manner. You should drop a few drops of this oil on the toothpaste that you use on a regular basis just before brushing.When you start brushing, brush the whole mouth along with the tongue and rinse well. Ensure that no oil remains in your mouth after your brushing is over.

tea oil

Oregano Or Clove Oil

Use either oregano or clove oil, whichever is available to you. Prepare a natural mouthwash by dropping around 5 drops of either of the oils in a glass of lukewarm water.

clove iol

Mix and gargle with this homemade mouthwash 3 times every day after you have eaten your meals. These oils are easily available at grocery stores or health food stores.

Boric Acid

Take a cup of water and add around one-fourth teaspoon of boric acid to it. Gargle your mouth with this mix and rinse well. Since you are using acid in the mouthwash, you must ensure that you do not swallow a single drop of the mouthwash.Gargle every day for around 2 weeks to notice visible changes in your mouth.

boric acid


Another effective natural cure is the use of yogurt to cure thrush completely. Yogurt contains those bacteria which is good for our body and help in digesting the food that we eat.


It also helps to prevent those fungi and infection from growing which give rise to thrush. Eat yogurt on a regular basis to prevent these infections from growing.Another way to use yogurt effectively is by using it as a paste which can be applied to your whole mouth. Let it remain there for 5 minutes and then rinse.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Being used by people all over the world, apple cider vinegar provides a lot of relief from thrush in a natural manner. Take half cup water and add a teaspoon of raw apple cider vinegar to it. Take the liquid in your mouth, gargle and let it stay there for around 10 to 15 seconds.

apple cidar vinegar

Repeat this process at least 4 to 5 times. It helps to boost our immune system and strengthens it so that it can fight against bacteria and yeast infections. It also contains a lot of vitamins and minerals which are essential for the body.

Avoid Sugar

A person suffering from thrush should avoid food items which have high sugar content and also those contain yeast in them. The reason being that these items feed that infectious fungus which give rise to thrush. Avoid cakes, biscuits, bread and soya sauce.