5 Natural Cures For Colitis

5 Natural Cures For Colitis

Colitis is a severe state which involves a swelling in the lining of the large intestine and it attacks the rectum and the anal part. The swelling may be of two types, one being the mucus and other being the ulcerative. The mucus colitis creates a problem and causes discomfort and irregularity with the passage of stools.

The other being the ulcerative colitis is an inflammation which causes ulcers in the lining of the membrane where passage of stool takes place along phlegm, pus or blood. Colitis occurs to the people of old age and it warns people of this disease by blood along with stool, pain in the abdominal area and diarrohea.

During fever or an extreme exertion the swelling tends to flare up and slowly it fades away. This disease leads to poor extraction of nutrients and minerals which in turn leads to a loss of weight and appetite
anaemia and gentle tireness etc. There are various homemade remedies through which an individual can overcome this disease without much expense, time and effort. They are:

Best Natural Cures For Colitis

A Well Nutritional Diet

To stay healthy and wealthy one must concentrate on its diet and therefore should be careful while taking in food. A well nutritional and a balanced diet should be followed to overcome such a disease and main consumption should be of green and leafy vegetables which is a medicine for many problems.

nutrition food

Fruits in abundance should be consumed and mainly papaya,bananas etc are very effective and foods with citrus acid should be completely abstained from. Banana helps in an instant recovery while boiled apples with its minerals do its effect. Two to three times each day juices are to be consumed and for a span of ten day whole wheat food and boiled food should be consumed. Hard drinks,spicy and fried food should be all kept away.

Benefits of Yoghurt

Yoghurt is very beneficial and effective and mainly the curd which is mainly sour and plain plays its role. Curd is one of the treatments for the contaminations caused by the yeast and the application of it towards the affected area provides a relief from itchiness and sensation of burns.


The Effect of Vinegar

The vinegar obtained from the fermented crushed fruits is also very beneficial and effective. Vinegar of apple cider along with water should be applied towards the area affected and acts as an instant relief. Vinegar proves to be a best enemy for the infections caused by the yeast and should be applied each day before bed to attain a faster recovery.

effect of vinegar

The Magic of Garlic

Garlic acts as universal medicine and a cure which is natural. Women can mainly use such a method to cure the disease and the women can use such a remedy by engulfing a piece of garlic in the cloth and inserting it in the genital area. The garlic should not be cut into pieces since it poses a problem and it is recommended to insert each day.


The Benefits of Ginger

Ginger is an ingredient which is used since many years and to overcome problems of digestion and discomfort in the stomach, ginger is one of the best cures. The ginger has properties of reducing inflammations and fighting against infections.