5 Natural Cures For Epilepsy

5 Natural Cures For Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a state in which the neurons within the brain goes haywire and gives wrong signals and signs to the individual and they are characterized by the captures it tends to release.The brain is accustomed to the unexpected variations in the activity of electrical nature and this further causes a seizure.The capturing relies on the side of the brain affected and different types of captures are stroke, withdrawal if alcohol etc.

There are various causes of epilepsy and processed foods are one of them. Two compounds like firstly phenylalanine acid is a neurotoxin and should be abstained while secondly aspartic acid acts as a excitotoxin which further excites the nerves and they burn out and wither away. A proper consultation should be made before any intake of drugs and there are various natural remedies which can help us minimize the effect without much expense and effort and they are:

Best Natural Cures For Epilepsy

A Proper Intake Of Vitamins

Vitamins are very important for good health and excessive vitamins may not improve epilepsy and sometimes may even prove to be harmful. A balanced diet should be adopted in order to extract proper nutrients and vitamins from the food.


Vitamins should be maintained at a proper level and if there is a deficiency vitamin supplements should be taken in.Vitamin D and supplements of calcium can be taken in to strengthen the bones and muscles.

The Effect Of Magnesium

For overcoming epilepsy magnesium is very helpful and the deficiency of it causes captures. Best substitute for magnesium is epsom salt but Epsom salt should be clearly chosen since some impurities might be present.


The epsom salt can be consumed for about half a teaspoon each dawn and the deficiency can be mended by almonds,spinach etc.A proper measurement of magnesium should be taken in otherwise the other minerals get flushed out.

The Magic Of Reishi Mushrooms

The intake of mushrooms helps in minimizing the cholesterol and fatty acidsin the hemoglobin.The mushrooms help in minimizing and reducing stress and is a herb which makes the nervous system function well. It is normally given to older people as epilepsy in other ways is difficult to mend.

reishi masrooms

The Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet in some children helps in overcoming attacks and an individual should follow a diet that is a combination of high and rich fats along with food which is low in carbohydrates.

food to eat

The body helps in breaking down the fats for energy and the carbohydrates are not broken down. The diet should be followed after a proper consultation since it has many side effects and should be mended.

The Magic Of Passionflower

The passionflower helps in abstaining from captures and helps in curing the epilepsy and should be consumed along with other herbs. Valerian as a herb should be consumed along with passionflower and mainly gives a relief temporarily. There are various side effects such as dizziness and ladies who are impregnate should not consume this flower.