4 Natural Cures For Flatulence

4 Natural Cures For Flatulences

This disease is a condition when the gas tends to develop in the intestines and the stomach seems to have bloated up abruptly.The bloating can cause excess burping or gas passage from the anal area and is normally very common in nature which mainly affects people of all agesThrough intake of any food material and any conversations we develop gases like oxygen and nitrogen.

The production of carbon-dioxide takes place when the acid of the stomach merges with the pancreas’ bile and other liquids. The gases extracted by the blood are exhaled in due course and the remaining gases are secreted through the rectum. Since an individual passes gas around fifteen times and few pints of gas each day, flatulence can cause a social embarrassment and discomfort to an individual.

The main causes of flatulence are excessive fiber containing foods,infected water or meals, excessive secretion of bacteria in stomach etc. There are various homemade remedies through which an individual can overcome this without much effort, time and expense.They are:

Best Natural Cures For Flatulence

A Healthy And A Nutritional Diet

The diet should contain minimal portions of fruits and vegetables each day and the fats which are unabsorbable should be abstained from. The carbohydrates which can be absorbed and digestible should be eaten like grapes, curd, lettuce, potatoes etc.


Since everyone’s digestive system is different, the foods which may be considered to be absorbable might cause flatulence therefore a proper track should be kept in order to control the symptoms of flatulence. Small meals are very convenient to digest and may create less gas and a sip of tea of peppermint leaves.

Passing Of Air down The Throat

Proper chewing of food and the intake of air should be minimal along with the food.The reduction of air intake can help the digestive system to work well and chewing gums should be abstained from since it can increase the air intake to a huge extent than usual.

chew food

The gums which are sugar-free in nature can as well increase flatulence since it holds chemicals which might be harmful in nature.The smoking and intake of other kinds of tobacco should be kept under a watch and should be abstained from since it causes irritation to the digestive system.

Exercise And Meditation

The functioning of the defecation and digestive system can be improved by good amount of exercise and yoga asanas.


The inhaling and exhaling of air in the proper postures and a proper abdominal and stomach exercise can help to overcome such problems slowly in a long run.Exercise helps to keep a man healthy to a great extent and is very essential to have a good functioning system.

The Effect Of Seeds

Few teaspoons of fennel dill or anise seeds can be soaked in the boiling water for a span of ten to fifteen minutes and should be properly strained and sipped after every meal.

caraway seeds

The seeds of caraway should be grinded and crushed and steeped for few minutes and then sipped.This residue should be sipped three to four times a day.