Natural Cures For Hair Loss

Hair loss

Natural cures for Hair LossA number of people suffer from hair loss for a variety of reasons, ranging from imbalance in hormones, infections caused by fungi, stress, medications, or as aftermath of an operation or chemotherapy. Whatever may be the causes, there are number of natural remedies for baldness. Baldness is a condition, the roots of which can be traced to many internal problems within the body. As such, apart from topical applications, you should seriously consider using medications to treat the conditions within your body, which are causing the hair loss. 

Treat hair loss with herbal or natural products only, and avoid chemical preparations. A right diet containing lots of vitamins, magnesium and zinc can successfully help curb hair loss.

Similarly, if your diet has soybeans, fish, almonds, chickpeas, curry leaves, oats, onions, olive oil, nuts, carrot, dates and leafy vegetables, then you can restrict fall of hair. Along with a right diet, include into your daily life, a systematic exercise plan that can boost the metabolic activity and remove the symptoms of any diseases, which may be the root cause of hair loss. Besides diet, plenty of natural cures are available for treating baldness.

Ayurvedic preparations like Bhringarajoil massaged into your scalp for about 10 minutes every day brings down hair fall. Shampooing with herb called Yucca is a finest way to treat hair. Similarly, paste made out of Aloe Vera can render your hair a healthy bounce. These are available off the shelves in the market.

Hair oil extracted from juices of rosemary, sage, or saw palmetto can cure hair fall. A paste made by grinding together  hibiscus flower petals, henna leaves,  linseed and goose berries, if applied to scalp and rinsed after 30 minutes, can bring excellent results.  Hibiscus flower petals and henna leaves added to your hair oil and regularly applied to the scalp ensure re-growth of hair.

Market has a number of herbal preparations to treat hair fall. Supplements like Provillus, which has magnesium, biotin, vitamins, horsetail herb, etc. is the best possible remedy for treating hair loss. These natural herbs do not have any kind of side effects.