Natural Cures For Lupus

lupusLupus is an auto immune disorder meaning that the body’s immune system turns against the organs and tissues of the body itself. It is known to cause damage to the heart, blood vessels, lungs, joints, brain, kidneys, skin and other body parts. Sometimes the complications arising due to lupus can prove to be fatal.

The disease is also prone to go into remission which can even last for many years. Due to the fact that lupus can become life threatening it is important to treat this disease properly and consulting a doctor may be necessary, but there is a natural cure for lupus that can help you to deal with the disease and hasten its cure.

Best Natural Cures For Lupus

Oily Fish Like Salmon

Omega 3 fatty acids have strong anti inflammatory properties and several studies have proven that they tend to improve the symptoms in many patients suffering from lupus.


Omega 3 fatty acids are found in large quantities in oily fish like salmon and sardines or flaxseeds. If you wish you can also opt for Omega 3 fatty acid supplements which can be obtained from any health food store.

Turmeric And Ginger


These two roots are well known for their healing properties and are used for the treatment of various illnesses. They are highly anti inflammatory in nature and have proved to be beneficial for lupus patients especially those who are suffering from arthritic symptoms. Hence, these roots are a natural cure for lupus patients suffering from arthritis.

South African Pennywort

South African Pennywort

This herb has a good record of benefits for lupus patients. It is important to use only the African species of the pennywort herb as other subspecies do not have the same chemical composition. This herb treats the patients suffering from lupus in many different ways and considerably reduces the symptoms related to the disease.

Tripterygium Wilfordi

The root of this plant is very helpful in treatment of lupus, although some care should be taken while administering this herb to children and adults of child bearing age as it is known to have harmful side effects on the reproductive systems of both men and women.

Tripterygium Wilfordi

In men it is known to hamper the sperm production and in women it causes the menstruation to stop completely. However, a glycoside extract of this root is known to be an excellent natural cure for lupus without the harmful side effects to the reproductive system. At the same time, once the administration of this herb is discontinued the symptoms caused by it also tend to subside.


nux vomica

This is a natural method of medicine which uses very minute dosage of salts and herbs etc for the treatment of various ailments which don’t have any cure in the traditional system of medicine. Thuja is the choice as a natural remedy for lupus under the homeopathic system. Even nux vomica is known to be very beneficial in 80 percent cases.


A mind body system of healing like hypnotherapy works great as a natural cure for lupus and other auto immune disorders. If nothing else, it helps in alleviating the stress related to the disease. That is why you can opt for hypnotherapy as it can give you relief from your problem.