5 Natural Cures For Osteoarthritis

5 Natural Cures For Osteoarthritis

Being one of the most common types of arthritis it is normally caused through the daily wear and tear of joints. The cartilage helps in extraction and absorption of chemicals and nutrients from the synovial fluid and when there is a bent then the cartilage discharges waste from the joints.

The cartilage i.e. an elastic and enduring tissue which acts as a fender amidst the bones tends to a gradual wear and break down leading the bones to knead and crush by each other.Due to continuous crushing the ends of the bones tend to swell up and stiffen which in medical terms is known as osteophytes.

Hips, spinal cord, knees are very prone since they bear the weight of an individual and very seldom affects the jaw, shoulders etc.Osteoarthritis occurs due to mainly extra weight, stress, playing sports, genetic, misalignment of bones etc. and may not affect all the organs at once.It should be treated properly as soon as possible since it worsens with time and there are various natural remedies to overcome this. They are:

Best Natural Cures For Osteoarthritis

Benefits of Exercising

Exercise help in strengthening the muscles, as well as increase the stamina and the power of endurance of the joints.


Proper walking whether normal or brisk, soft exercises, swimming etc all should be adopted but overdoing it is not recommendatory.Losing weight helps in many ways and causes a decrease of pressure towards knees,hips area which in turn causes relief with a little weight loss.

Applying of Assistive Devices

Less of stress on the painful joints can be done with using assistive devices and the cane which is carried helps in getting off the weight from hips, knees or any other joint while a walk.


The cane should be carried in the hand which is opposite to the leg which hurts and osteoarthritis on the fingers can be cured through working on the tools present in the kitchen. Proper consultations are required for such type of problems and help for the devices should be taken from the doctor.

Managing the Grief

The pain causes a lot of irritation and uneasiness to an individual and these all can be cured through medicines or massages according to the preference of an individual. Both warmth and icy is required to overcome this as the warmth helps in getting away with the stiffness and the jerks while the frostiness relieves the pain from the muscles and the cramps.


The pain can be temporarily done away with the creams and the gels while they make the area numb providing a cooling sensation.

A Proper Rest

A proper rest and sleep for about eighteen to twenty four hours is required for the affected individuals since the swelling caused needs to be tackled and subsided and the activities which require constant use of joints should be avoided. Sleeping enhances the flow of oxygen and a faster circulation helps in getting relief.


The Effect of Avocado

It is one of the effective remedies and the mixture of avocado and oil obtained from soya beans helps in improving the pain and hardness and helps in minimization of swelling leading to a repair of the cartilage.The mixture should be applied daily for a faster recovery.