Natural Cures For Ovarian Cancer

ovarian cancerOvaries form an important part of a woman’s reproductive system. Their basic job is to produce the female hormones called estrogen, testosterone and progesterone. They also are responsible for releasing the egg. Many a times there are tumours found in these ovaries and hence ovarian cancer is detected.

Ovarian cancer is generally treated by chemotherapy and surgeries. However, there are better and natural ways of curing and preventing ovarian cancer. Simple changes in diet can help one combat ovarian cancer better. So we thought of compiling and giving you the 6 most useful tips as natural cure for ovarian cancer.

Best Natural Cures For Ovarian Cancer

Change Your Diet

Including vegetables like broccoli and cabbage can help you prevent and cure ovarian cancer. It is loaded with vitamin B, vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin A, along with magnesium, calcium and iron.


You can eat cabbage in salads, as coleslaw, and as vegetable as well. You may also add cabbage and broccoli to your vegetable soup. Broccoli can be stewed or eaten boiled. It can also be eaten cooked in different dishes. These helps prevent growth of cancer cells.

Green Tea

Green tea is very rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants actually decrease the nutrition that cancer cells thrive on. It also helps prevent and slow down the growth of cancer cells.

Green Tea

Ideally you should drink as many cups of green tea as you can. It actually deactivates plasmin, which helps in preventing the spreading of the tumour. Green tea has many other health benefits too. So never stop sipping on green tea. It is good for your skin as well.


Oranges and orange juice both are great ways of curing ovarian cancer naturally. You can either eat fresh oranges or have fresh orange juice. Orange smoothie can also be a great option.


You may add orange pieces to yogurt and eat that too. Limonene and citric acid, both are found in oranges. These are also great ways of preventing and slowing the growth of cancer cells in one’s body.


Turmeric is one of the most commonly used Indian spices. It has been found effective in curing different types of cancers, including ovarian.


You can check with your doctor to find out the permissible amount of turmeric that can be consumed everyday. You can either add it to your food or simply consume it with black pepper and coconut oil.

Avoid Fructose 

Make sure you avoid sugar and fructose-based foods at all costs. Sugar overall deteriorates your health. Moreover, it increases risk of cancer. Opt for fruits and vegetables that are high on fibre rather.

vegetables and fruits

Avoid beverages with sugar and do not add sweetener to your beverages or juices. Exercise regularly. This will help reduce insulin levels in your body. This is one of the most effective ways of fighting any kind of cancer.

Intake Omega-3 Fatty Acids 

Omega-3 fatty acids are very good for curing ovarian cancer. So include adequate amount of high quality omega-3 fatty acids. You must also adapt to a healthy lifestyle and lessen the amount of stress in your life.

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