Natural Cures For Pneumonia

PneumoniaPneumonia normally affects the respiratory tract leading to an acute swelling and is a contamination towards the lungs. It occurs due to the intake of micro-organisms like bacteria, fungi etc. and is quite contagious. The germs can enter through eyes, mouth etc and if the body’s resistance is low they get a chance to spread into the respiratory system.

People characterized with heart disease, excretory disease, diabetes etc are very prone to such a contamination and the symptoms includes cough, haphazard breathing, fever, short breath etc. It occurs to people of all ages and may be quite serious in old people. A proper consultation in required while treating pneumonia and it should be completely tackled. There are various homemade remedies one can adopt without much effort, expense and effort. They are:

Best Natural Cures For Pneumonia

Benefits Of Aromatherapy

The vapors in a steam form with the mixture of certain oils like lemon, camphor etc. can help in improving the capacity of breathing and in fighting against infections.


A massage with oil especially niaouli oil can be really helpful towards the chest and should be completely abstained from when suffering from fever. A compress with either mustard oil or a mixture of citrus juice, organic sweetener and roots of the ginger during fits of fever is really helpful.

A Healthy And A Nutritional Diet

A healthy and a nutritional diet is recommendatory for daily life and especially it helps recovering from various types of diseases. A good diet does well to health generally and helps in proper functioning of the organs.

green vegetables

This in turn helps in increasing the immunity system which increases the metabolism rate. Inclusion of fresh fruits and leafy vegetables is very essential since it helps in extraction of nutrients and food enriched with proteins is very helpful. Juices should be consumed in abundance for about five to fifteen days since it overcomes dehydration and caffeine and carbonated drinks should be avoided.

An Effect Of Garlic

Garlic is the medicine for many diseases where pneumonia is one of them. It should be given to the people affected with pneumonia in good quantities during the treatment.


It helps in handling and getting down the temperature of the body and even helps in handling the breathing and pulse in just two days time. Garlic as a paste too can be rubbed and applied on the chest of the patient for a faster recovery.

The Magic Of Sesame

The seeds of sesame are very beneficial and effective for a pneumonia patient and should be consumed on a regular basis for a faster recovery.

Sesame Seeds

A mixture of sesame seeds, few teaspoons of linseed, a tweak of salt and a big tablespoon of honey should be provided to the patient on a timely basis. This helps in removal of toxic substances and mucus from the respiratory tract.

The Effect Of Turmeric And Basil

The turmeric having medicinal properties is very beneficial in treating the disease and a lot of diseases can be cured through turmeric.

turmeric powder

Turmeric along with the black pepper, ginger is very good for the disease and can be cooked or taken in raw as per choice. The holy basil commonly known as tulsi is helpful and should be taken as a tea or raw within every six hours.

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