Natural Cures For Ringworm

ringwormVarious types of infections contaminate the skin where ringworm being one of the fungal infections caused by the fungus known as dermatophytes. Being contagious in nature it passes onto others very easily through touch. It takes place towards the head, skin and nails and it derives its name from the ring made.

Ringworm leads to a harsh, elevated and a reddish skin normally in a round shape and mainly provides a burning sensation. It mainly causes itchiness, uneasiness, swelling etc. and if it occurs on the scalp it is very difficult to heal it. There are various ways we can get over with it without much effort and time. They are:

Best Natural Cures For Ringworm

The Magic of Raw Papaya

Raw papaya is extremely beneficial and effective in curing ringworms. The papaya slices should be rubbed on the infection and the seeds of papaya along with the vinegar obtained from crushed fermented fruits should be blended, churned and turned into a paste.

raw papaya

The paste then should be applied and left over for a span of fifteen minutes and then washed off with lukewarm water. The catalyst in the papaya destroys and kills the fungus. Rubbing papaya three to four times each day is recommendatory.

The Effect of Tea Tree Oil

The oil from the leaves of tea tree is very effective each day twice for a period of month and is a good anti-fungal. Tea tree oil along with coconut oi

Tea Tree Oil

l should be blended and applied and works well for ailments. The oil helps in fighting against fungus and bacteria. The result may be slow and late and pregnant women and women nursing should not use this oil. After an application of oil for thirty minutes it should be washed off with warm water.

The Consequence of Garlic

The garlic extracts help in curing ringworms and there are various diseases where the garlic does its effect. The garlic cloves should be cut into slices and the cloves should be peeled.


The garlic extracts after application should be engulfed with a band aid and left overnight. Application of garlic throughout the day three to four times a day is recommendatory.

The Cooling Sensation of Aloe Vera

The aloe vera is highly beneficial and effective in treating burns and is a treatment for ringworms naturally. The residue of aloe vera when applied towards the affected parts until the contamination is treated.

Aloe Vera

The residue applied provides a cooling sensation and helps in fighting against germs and swelling etc. This helps in getting away from uneasiness and irritation.

Direct Exposure to Fresh Air

The rays of the sun and the fresh air are highly beneficial in treating and curing ringworms. Wearing a thin cloth over the ringworms is recommendatory and the fresh environment is the biggest enemy of the fungal contamination. Total exposure to sun and air is very beneficial in killing germs and bacteria.

The Effect of Acetone

Dabbing of a cotton ball with the polish remover is to be applied towards the ringworms for a span of ten to fifteen minutes and a week is required for healing. The polish applied should not enter the vessels and capillaries of blood and should be bared for a good amount of time.