Natural Cures for Skin Ailments

Natural Cures for Skin Ailments

Natural Cures for Skin AilmentsHerbs can treat oily skin effectively, as well as natural products, like, juices made of lime, cucumber or lemon.  

Wash off the topical application of these juices on the skin, after they dry. You can also decrease the reaction caused by makeup when you apply the juice and let it dry. This creates a protective coat before direct application of makeup.

For absorption of extra oil, Witch hazel is good, and so is the natural product Lavender, used as a mist, in the toner or part of sauna of the face, when you also add thyme and parsley. However, for facial sauna in aromatherapy, you should add cedar wood or rosemary, with lemon.

Oily skin needs treatment with clay masks, made at home by mixing green clay powder with honey or water. Apply the paste and then rinse it off after 15 minutes.

Oily Skin care will be more effective if you use masks made of fruit acids. Make them at home, by combining the pulp of papaya, grapefruit and mango, in order to get rid of excessive oil and dead cells of the skin, without drying away natural moisture.

Using Artificial Creams and Supplements

Do not use products containing harsh chemicals for skincare. Also, ensure that they suit your type of skin, and keep off the supplements, which tend to form dryness of the skin, as it will stimulate skin to produce sebum in more quantities.

Keep oily skin clean, and stay away from harsh cleaning agents. Use a pure soap, without artificial components. For cleaning oily skin, use antibacterial lotions.

Since acetone can dissolve oil, use astringents containing acetone.

Moisturizers that you apply for skincare should have been prepared especially for oily skin, while oil-free products are considered best. For treating oily skin, vitamin supplements like Vitamins A, B2, and B complex apart from primrose oil, can bring forth results.

To keep your skin in healthy condition and minimize any skin related problems, correct supplements and creams made from natural products can be very helpful. Especially in the case of oily skin, avoid chemicals and opt for herbal cures.