5 Natural Cures For Underactive Thyroid

5 Natural Cures For Underactive Thyroid

Underactive thyroid or very commonly known hypothyroidism is a state when the production of hormones is in a lower rate by the thyroid and they are characterized with an unusual rate of less thyroid hormone secretion. The rate of metabolism and the condition of organs don’t tend to work well since the low production of hormones is inter-linked with these both.

The low production seems to get segregated towards the whole body to determine an effective functioning of the body. Adults generally get this disease but children are too very prone to it and there are various effects or consequences of hypothyroidism since the growth, development of the body,working of cells etc all get affected.

If it is not treated timely, it can lead to many complications and various blood tests can be done to find out the levels of thyroid level. The causes of hypothyroidism are the lack of iodine, x-rays, etc. and the various symptoms which can alert an individual are tiredness, abnormal gain of weight, depression etc. There are various remedies one can adopt and they are:

Best Natural Cures for Underactive Thyroid

The Effect of Iodine

Iodine is one of the essential ingredients in working of the thyroid glands, so the intake of iodine should be increased for people suffering from an underactive thyroid.

effect of iodine

Foods such as curd, meat, radish, salt, eggs etc. can be increased in the food instead of supplements to increase the level of iodine. A physician should be consulted before any intake of additional supplements.

The Benefits of Sun Rays

The rays of the sun are very essential for the individual’s body as the Vitamin D3’s source is nothing but the sunshine. For a good health sun rays of the dawn are very important and for a proper functioning of the body including the thyroid glands the exposure to sun for twenty to twenty five minutes is important.

sun rays

The Vitamin D helps in keeping the body healthy and the metabolism of calcium high.Physical workouts in the morning are essential for people suffering from hypothyroidism.

The Magic of Herbs

Herbal treatments are very pure and soothing. Herbs such as nettle help in minimizing hypothyroidism. It creates a balance since it is enriched with iodine which indeed helps in curing the deficiency of iodine and it can be sipped in form of a tea three times each day.

natural herbs

The leaves can be soaked and sieved next day for a sip and alternatively oil can be massaged over the affected area. Another herb known as Siberian ginseng is useful in treating glands such as thymus and thyroid. It monitors the levels of hormone by creating a balance and proper functioning of glands thereby overcoming fatigue.

The Effect of Flax Seeds

The abundance of omega fatty acids is very important in regulating the thyroid glands, so therefore people suffering from such a disease should intake both seeds and oil.

effect of flax seed

The intake of seeds should be done empty stomach along with water and the intake of oil helps in overcoming constipation problems and decreasing the level of cholesterol.

The Benefits of Nuts

The black walnuts being enriched with organic iodine and magnesium helps in strengthening the glands and therefore provides nourishment. The intake of black walnuts should be included in the diet daily.