Natural Face Care Tips

Natural Face Care

Natural Face Care With the advent of many chemical based creams and lotions our beauty woes have increased rather than plummeting down. The reason behind this anti-climax is the fact that chemicals are bad for our skin, hair, face and body. Either we put them in our mouth or we apply them tropically, in the long run, chemical based things inflict more harm than good to our natural beauty.

So, should we stop using the beauty products and end thinking about looking at our best? Well, the answer is a big NO. We can take care of our face with the help of natural things and can manage to look beautiful without any fear of ill effects on our beauty. Here are some tips.

Natural Face Care Tips

Use raw Milk as Cleanser

Everyone knows very well that cleansing, toning and moisturizing is basic skin care regimen and it should be followed regularly to maintain a good skin. So, instead of using that expensive bottle of cleanser you can make one at home.

Take a tea spoon of raw milk and add two drops of vegetable oil and two drops of lemon juice. If your skin is oily than do not add vegetable oil. Mix it well and apply as a cleanser on your entire face and neck. Let it stay for 10 minutes and then wash your face with plain water.


For toning, you can take a bottle of rosewater and can add half tea spoon of camphor in the bottle.


Use this natural toner after cleaning your face. It helps in tightening the pores and tones skin well.


For moisturizing your face, people with dry skin can use milk cream and those with any other skin type can use honey or glycerine. Honey and glycerine are natural humectants and they are very effective for oily skin also. You can use honey mixed with warm milk or glycerine mixed with rose water and lime juice in equal proportions at bed time.

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Just like cleansing, toning and moisturizing regular exfoliation is also a basic for maintaining facial glow. You can use homemade facial scrubs which are as effective as any readymade scrub. Just take millet seeds and grind them coarsely.


Now, if you have dry skin, mix this coarse powder with milk cream and use like scrub on your face and if you have oily skin then mix this powder with fat free curd and apply on your face regularly. People with oily skin can use this scrub twice a week and those with dry skin can use it once a week.

Face Packs

Homemade face-packs are also quite effective and can lend a beautiful glow to your skin. You can make various kinds of face-packs at home like raw milk and gram flour face-pack, almonds and curd based face-pack, fuller’s earth and egg white based face-pack, etc. Use face packs after scrubbing for maximum benefits.

These natural face care tips go a long way in making your face naturally beautiful but they show their effect only when they are used regularly so use them regularly and find a glowing reflection smiling at you.