Natural Makeup

Natural skin and hair products are fast replacing chemical products in the cosmetics industry today. Makeup is the art of hiding your skin problems and at the same time, enhancing your looks.

When over-applied, your skin looks artificial; therefore it is necessary to know the right amount to use. Mineral makeup that is made of natural ingredients gives a great coverage while highlighting your features. However, some traditional steps need to be followed in order to achieve a glowing natural look.

The art of making up:

Step 1: Use mineral concealer to hide skin irregularities like dark circles, spots or acne. If your skin is clear, then omit concealer.

Step 2: Use powder mineral foundation. It is light and does not block the pores, thus allowing the skin to breathe. Using a mineral brush, apply with gentle strokes until you see a natural finish.

Step 3: Use mineral eye-shadow, liner and mascara to highlight your eyes. Eyeliners must define the upper-eye in such a way that the lashes look thicker.

Step 4: Use mineral blush or bronzer to give the natural glow to your cheeks that is hidden by the foundation. With a blush brush, apply blush on your cheek bones.

Step 5: Use a natural lip color that matches your lip shade or just use a gloss.

Mineral Makeup Tips:

Young skin may not need a concealer or foundation. These are meant for wrinkled or dull skins.

Use very little foundation powder. Apply the powder evenly in upward, circular strokes.

Youngsters can use bright eye makeup whereas for matured looks, use eye-shadow that best complements your skin and dress.

For blue or green eyes, use lighter eye shades and use brighter shades for brown or hazel eyes.

Use pinkish blush shades for fair skin and use bronzer for darker skin.

Quick daily makeup:

Use foundation and concealer only if necessary.

Use very little blush/bronzer.

Use mascara and a light/natural eye shadow.

Do not use lip liner, it looks heavy.

Use a lip balm or gloss that would give a glow while moisturizing lips.