Natural Makeup Look For Naturally Beautiful

Natural MakeupMakeup is an art and one has to learn its nuances to become a good artist. Makeup is usually synonymous with looking glamorous. However, did you know there is something called natural makeup? You may ask what is the point of applying makeup if one wants to look natural; it can be done without applying any.

The aim of natural makeup is to hide your facial imperfections, even out your skin tone and enhance your features. This is best for your everyday look and will make you look classy and not blotchy.

Tips on Applying Natural Makeup

Here is a step by step explanation of the process of applying makeup to look naturally beautiful.

Prepping Your Face

It is important to prep your face before applying any kind of makeup. Clean your face with a good face wash. Applying makeup on an unclean face can make it look patchy and can cause skin problems too.

Prepping Your Face

After cleaning your face, apply the moisturizer. Choose a moisturizer that suits your skin type. Make sure to stay away from scented moisturizers, as these can lead to skin problems like acne.

Applying Foundation

The next step is to apply foundation on your face. It is important to select the right foundation, as it can make or break your makeup. The foundation should be closer to your skin tone and should blend well. A water-based formula works best for a natural look.

Applying Foundation

With your fingers or a sponge, apply it all over your skin. Do not forget to apply it on your neck to avoid inconsistency between your face and neck. Nowadays, for achieving a natural look, experts advise the use of tinted moisturizers instead of foundation. These moisturizers give a fresh look to the face.

Using Concealer

A concealer is used to hide dark spots, dark circles under your eyes, etc. So if you are gifted with a flawless skin, you can skip this step. Be careful while using the concealer; do not use too much of it. Use a q-tip for this purpose, so that you apply it directly on the problem area and not around it. Also, remember to buy a concealer that matches your skin tone.

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Doing Eye Makeup

Many experts do not consider eye makeup necessary for a natural look. However, if you want to flaunt this look for a party, then a little bit of eye makeup can definitely accentuate your eyes.

Doing Eye Makeup

Use earthy tones as the eye shadow. Colors like browns, gold and silver would be good for this look. You can also blend two or three shades to get a natural look. Apply a thin coat of eyeliner and complete your eye makeup with a stroke of mascara. If you want, you can skip the eyeliner and just apply the mascara.

Beautifying The Lips

Beautifying the Lips

When it comes to natural lip makeup, you should avoid dark colored lipsticks. You can use neutral colored lip gloss (not the shiny ones). Using a lipstick shade that is closer to your original lip color would also be a good idea.


This is the last step in your makeup application process. For a natural look, use a creme blush rather than a powdered one. This will give a natural blush to your cheeks. Remember to blend well to get a finished look.

The beauty of natural makeup is that it is the best for your day at the office as well as for a casual day out with friends. So learn this art and look beautiful without looking made up.