Natural Makeup Tips For Black Women

black womenIn many countries of the world, fair skin is considered an asset, while dark skin is looked down upon as a disadvantage. However, the truth is that with the right type of makeup, dark skin can look extremely graceful and classy.

Consider Oprah Winfrey and Michele Obama. Both have dark skin tones that look glowing and gorgeous, every time they are out in the public. If you are a dark skinned woman who is looking for makeup tips, here are some ideas that you can consider.

Makeup Tips For Black Women

Make Sure That Your Skin Is Clean Before Applying Makeup

Before applying makeup, it is essential that you clean your skin. This allows the makeup to blend in with your skin perfectly and provides it with a beautiful glow. For best results, use an alcohol free facial cleaner. Also, using a moisturizer after cleaning your face is a good idea because it allows the makeup to last longer.

Use More Than One Foundation

Uneven skin tone is one of the major problems that dark skinned women face. A good way of countering this problem would be to use two or more foundations for the face.

foundation for black women

For best results, choose foundations that are available in light, medium and dark shades. This way, you can combine these shades for hiding the different pigmentation that is often found on darker skin tones.

Pay Attention To Your Eyebrows

As a woman, it is essential to understand the importance of eyebrows. While overtly thick brows can make you look tacky, too thin brows can make you look mean. Therefore, shaping your eyebrows in a way so that it matches rest of your facial features is important.

Of course, not of all us are born with perfectly shaped brows and this is where the importance of using the right makeup lies. You can use an interesting trick for shaping your brows-opt for a white pencil for figuring out your ideal eyebrow shape. Once this step is done, remove the unwanted hairs outside the shape you have drawn and you would get perfectly shaped brows.

Flaunt Red Lips

It’s a myth that only fair skinned women look good in red lips. A dark skinned woman can look equally gracious in red lips. However, if you are not comfortable in flaunting deep red colors, you can mix and match different shades of red.

Flaunt Red Lips

If you do not like red, opt for alternative colors, such as, burgundy, plum and brown. Do not use nude or frosty colors because they do not complement darker skin tones. Also, for creating a dazzling effect, use a liner first because it will help you in defining your lips better.

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Experiment With Different Eye Shadows

Fair skinned women cannot always experiment with eye shadows in different colors. However, dark skinned women look good in almost any eye shadow.

eye shadow

So, if you have dark skin tones, experimenting with different eye shadows can be a great idea. You can use copper, blue and even green shadows on your eyes. Consider these tips for looking and feeling beautiful.