Natural Makeup Tips

natural makeup tipsLess is truly more! The all caked-up look is no longer in fashion. On the contrary being natural is in style. Women across the globe are found sporting the natural makeup to look glamorous. It looks great and goes with any attire. Natural makeup is very crucial to get.

It looks simple but one wrong step can actually land you in trouble by spoiling the entire look. So we thought of helping you out by guiding you through the natural makeup steps. Here are the 7 natural makeup tips for you to refer to next time you step out.

Best Natural Makeup Tips

Always Cleanse Your Skin First

Exfoliate Your Skin

You must cleanse your skin first and exfoliate it too. Never start doing up your makeup on an unclean face. After cleansing your face, moisturise it. This will help even your skin tone out. Moisturising your skin will also help you hold the makeup in place and won’t make your face appear dull.


Use a good concealer to conceal your blemishes, dark spots or circles. The idea is to conceal any flaws that your skin might have. This would make your face appear brighter. A good concealer is a must for any kind of makeup as it helps cover all your weak points. But be careful in not overdoing it. Too much concealer will again render you the caked-up look. It should just be enough to cover your spots. 

Highlight Your Eyes A Little

Select a shade, preferably gold, brown or silver to highlight your eyes a little. Make sure you blend it well. The shade should be selected depending on your skin tone. Apply the shade lightly on your eye lid or just the crease but it should be blended really well.

eye shadow

Try using white shade on the inner most part of the eye. The darker tones should be used on the outer part of the eye and the lighter ones for the inner most part. 

Line Your Eyes

Liquid Eyeliner

Use a good gel-based liner to highlight the lines of your eyes. Make sure you draw a subtle line to draw the required amount of attention to your eyes while not overdoing it. Smudge it a little to get a more natural and soft look. 

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Ditch The Mascara


Do not use mascara when trying out a natural look. It gives away the natural look instantly. Simply use an eyelash curler to give your lashes the required amount of lift. It looks natural and highlights your lashes.

Go For A Bronzer

Bronzer is great when it comes to getting a natural glow. It’s a must-have. In case you are someone who loves pinks, go for the blusher then. Take some bronzer on the brush and apply it gently on the apples of your cheekbones. Make sure you blend it well. The lines should not be prominent. 

Lip Colour

Select a good neutral lip colour for yourself. Avoid lip sticks or glosses. Simply use a stain. Make sure you select a colour which is closest to your natural lip colour.

lip color

Lip stains even lasts longer than lip sticks and lip glosses. Dab some shimmer on the centre of your lips to give it a natural shine.