Natural Oils To Help With Acne & Rosacea

types of natural oils

types of natural oilsAcne and Rosacea are two different types of skin problems, which affect both men and women. Acne is generally seen during the teenage period when teenagers sebaceous glands get blocked and erupt in blackheads, whiteheads and pimples.

Rosacea is another skin problem, which usually affects people in their adulthood. People suffering from this disease have traces of blood vessels, red marks and red boils noticeable on their T-zone.

Sometimes both these infections may collide with each other at a particular stage of your life. Natural oils can definitely give relief from these infections. Lots of herbs or natural oils are present, and they can be classified in the following way:

Natural Oils Extracted From Seeds:

Seeds are the most essential parts of a plant from where oils are obtained for different purposes. You can find a wide range of natural oils, which are extracted from seeds. These are as follows:

Jojoba oil is one of the best-known remedies for rosacea as well as acne. If you apply this oil regularly, it will maintain the oil balance of your skin, thus reducing acne. It also provides nourishment to the skin and helps rejuvenate the skin damaged from rosacea infection.

You can consume borage oil and also apply it on your skin. It contains essential fatty acid, which helps in reducing swelling. Rose hip oil is almost similar to borage oil and helps in keeping the skin healthy and blemish free.

Evening Primrose oil is found effective in revitalizing damaged skin from acne and rosacea and also hydrate the skin. Carrot seed oil contains high amounts of vitamin c and thus helps in removing acne scars.

Natural Oils Extracted From Flowers:

Flowers are generally used for producing sweet aromatic oils, but they can even serve as blemish correctors. These oils help in relaxing and also reduce itchiness. They even repair the cells, which get damaged due to ultraviolet rays of the sun. For example:

Lavender oil gives great relief from both acne and rocasea. It is abundantly used in spa therapy as its mild effect cleans and soothes the skin. Chamomile oil and Helichrysum oil help in conditioning the skin and also lightens marks. Their great anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties add to the health benefits of the skin.

Natural Oils Extracted From Other Plant Parts:

Some other parts of plants are also used for extracting oil like leaves, wood, fruits, roots, etc., For example:

Clare Sage oil and tea tree oil are gathered from the leaves of the plants and are highly aromatic. They help in healing the infection and also give relief from itching. Tangerine oil is a fruit extracted oil and helps in improving the skin condition and in curing rashes.

Sandalwood oil is obtained from the inner wood and helps in lightening the scar marks and drying the wounds. It also helps in reducing tension. These are generally very strong oils and therefore, you should reduce its concentration by mixing with some milder oils or lotions like aloe vera, calamine, etc.

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