3 Natural Ways To Keep Hair Healthy

Hair Healthy

If you have strong hair it means you can take risk of experimenting with your hair in terms of coloring, styling, etc. Strong hairs break less and remain in the growth period for a longer time.

Hair Healthy

It takes much patience and a little hard work in achieving healthy and beautiful hair.

Right Habits

Never put stress on hair for a very long period. For example, if you have to maintain a tight bun, keep your hair tied in a ponytail to braid them tight then make sure that you set your hair free as and when possible.

This will allow the follicles to relax and regain strength. But avoid sleeping with your hair open. They are more susceptible to breakage.

Use hair care product only as per the type of your hair. Market is flooded with hair care product for hairs which have been given certain treatment.

Never comb your hair when they are wet. Apply very small amount of non-sticky hair oil to wet hair. The oil will coat the hairs and protect them from damage due to sunlight.

Always keep your hair clean.

Right Habits

Top Home Remedies

There are certain natural substances that significantly improve the condition of hair in just one use. Mix gooseberry powder in curd to make a smooth paste. Apply the paste liberally all over your hair. Keep for 40 minutes then wash with lukewarm water.

Mix clarified butter with crushed almonds. Apply to the roots using cotton. Leave overnight and then wash with shampoo.

Wash your hair every alternate day with thin paste of pure shikakai. You may add a few drops of oil and lemon juice. This is best remedy for summer hair care.

Home Remedies

Best Foods For Hair

Hair essentially needs biotin¸ vitamin B complex, zinc, iron and proteins.

Flaxseeds, almonds and walnuts are rich source of biotin. Daily recommended dose is 100 to 200 mcg. Oysters, chickpeas and pumpkin seeds provide zinc. Zinc helps in prevention of dandruff. Daily recommended dose for zinc is 40 mg.

Avocados and bananas are rich source of vitamin B6, B3, B5 and B9. Iron helps in prevention of hair loss and is abundantly found in dried apricots, whole meal bread, eggs and liver.

Tofu, beans, fish and pulses are rich source of protein.

Foods For Hair