Natural Wonder – Moroccan Hair Oil

Moroccan Hair OilHair oil works as the magic potion for over processed hair, giving it a definition and perfect radiance. All thanks to our ancient way of treating hair where hair used to be nourished with natural hair oil to keep it lustrous, bountiful and supple.

The same treatment is still followed with some exclusive range of hair oils to make it problem free. Moroccan hair oil or the more prevalent term, argan hair oil is the latest buzz which is making headline in the cosmetic industry.

Procuring The Oil

Moroccan hair oil is acquired from the nutty fruit of the argan plant, which is a quite exclusive characteristic of Moroccan region in this whole planet. The fruit is sun-dried for weeks to obtain nuts, nuts are then crushed to reveal kernels and finally the kernels are grounded to procure pure organic form of argan oil full of essential fatty acids and oodles of Vitamin E.

Benefits Of Moroccan Hair Oil

Moroccan or argan hair oil is a complete solution to all hair problems making it highly in demand for the entire cosmetic trade. Some of the benefits of Moroccan hair oil are:

Moisturizing From Within

This miracle product has tremendous moisturizing benefits which help in restoring the dry texture of hair. It is highly recommended for naturally-dry and color-treated hair. The roots of the hair are hydrated and the shaft becomes glossy by rubbing this hair oil regularly. Vitamin E, the main component of this oil, helps to manage the dry hair follicles, root to tip, in more effective ways that other hair oils are unable to accomplish.

Restoring Roots

Restoring rootsMoroccan hair oil is equally helpful to restore damaged cuticles of hair. The natural antioxidants present in the oil retreat the cellular damage. Antioxidant property of this hair oil is another way to diminish the heat effects caused by the use of hot irons, blow dryers and curling irons.

Increasing Growth

Moroccan hair oil helps in regenerating cells and thus mounting the growth of hair.Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids present in this oil make it stronger from the roots and nourish the scalp.

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Protecting The Scalp

This hair oil protects the hair shafts from the ill effects of pollution, sun and stress. The oil penetrates in to the scalp and works on the elasticity which, thereby, enables hair roots to fight with anti-pollutants.

How To Use

The application of this hair oil, generally, depends on the required benefit. If moisturizing the cuticles and strands is the priority, than, it should be applied twice or thrice a week before shampooing. Take a liberal amount of the oil and massage throughout the scalp covering roots and tips. Cover the head by a shower cap and let it penetrate into the follicles for 30 minutes. Wash out with an organic shampoo. This application will reduce the frizz and provide extra luster to the hair.

Increasing Growth

For protection and restoring treated hair, Moroccan hair oil should be applied after the shampoo. Take few drops of the oil and massage the roots gently with circular motion. Comb with wide-tooth type to spread the oil evenly. This method will replenish the damaged hair.

Morocco hair oil is an affordable solution to address all problems related with hair. Making it a part of beauty regime will definitely avoid all lavish treatments at spas.