Navel Piercing

Navel Piercing

Getting your navel pierced seems to be the new thing for young adults. For years and centuries piercings have been done for many reasons such as symbolic and for religious reasons as


well. As for getting your navel pierced, young folk do this just because they like it and think that it looks cool and others do it for reasons such as sexual.

One of the downsides to getting your navel pierced is the pain. In order to have this done, you need to go to a place that does piercings and they use a thick hollow needle. Once the needle pierces the skin and makes the hole, the jewelry is followed by that.

The choices that you can choose from for a style are endless. You can also choose whether to have a fat or skinny post and also the type of metal that you would like to use. Each one represents something different and affects the body in different ways. Silver represents lunar energy and gold is for energy.

Silver Navel Piercing

Women have endured pain since the beginning of time. We wear heels to make our legs look nicer and clothes that cut off our breath just so we can turn a few heads. Why should the pain of getting our navel pierced be any different?

For some women it is also the thrill of knowing that you have a secret. No one is going to know that it is there during the day while you are in your three piece business suit and conducting meetings. Then, in the evening, you shed your clothes for something more casual and sexy. Walk out into a new world as a new you.

different navel pierced

Some men find navel piercing very sexy. Maybe this is why some women have it done. Beware though, you may bleed a little once it is done. You need to be sure to clean and take care of it the way you are instructed in order to avoid infection. So, if you are thinking of having it done, go for it and open up a new world of possibilities.

navel piercing very sexy