New Blonde Look

Blonds are not dumb, as many people are inclined to have a dig at the fair-haired women. If you notice someone ridiculing the color, convince yourself that they may be suffering from an inferiority complex.

Ask such people who are trying to ridicule the fair-colored hair, to dye their hair and experience that rare feeling of being more attractive than ever, even as these females draw the attention of the crowd in any place.

Whoever can dispute the fact that blonds are the most sought after women by men, even as a large percentage of women really want to look good with fair hair?  Their level of confidence gets a boost as they are now conscious of the fact that they look bewitching.

Let us turn to some proven scientific studies which have evidence to show that females dying the hair into fair color are increasingly convinced about their eye-catching propensities and are enjoying higher levels of confidence.

It was found that these females, who have dyed their hair blond, never hesitate to dance or sing before unfamiliar crowds nor do they hesitate to accept dating offers from men who have found them out-going and exuberant. These studies on the effects of hair dyes on a female’s persona, her mood and happiness, were conducted by teams of university professors.

Dr. Mark Sergeant from Nottingham Trent University who led one such research team is of the opinion that hair coloring is not merely an art, but a science, according to Daily Star, which carried an article on the research studies. He further states that the team noticed significant changes in the conduct and mindset of women who have dyed their hair.

They were found to be now a confident lot, cheerful and out-going; with their reservations lessened, they were openly saying that they looked more gorgeous and sexually exhilarating. Let us admit that this feeling of confidence alone makes a woman attractive because she is exhibiting her beautiful self through her demeanor and looks.

In yet another study conducted by the Clairol Nice ‘n Easy, on a group of 205 females aged between 25 and 66, nearly 100 of them confessed that they dyed their hair into fair-color, because, hold your breath, they wanted to be noticed by their associates and friends from the opposite sex.

Such confessions only go to prove that they are now a confident lot, whatever may be their age, and they would like to be proven as a sociable lot, with their appearance being the most important part of their personality. And to this blond hair has contributed, surprisingly!

If you hear again that much maligning “dumb blonds” comment, you should retort saying that blonde is not at all dumb, in fact it improves her persona. Finally, ‘blonde’ is not so ‘dumb’ after all, it has a lot to say about the individuality of the female to the extent that she is convinced she belongs to the legion of timeless blondes like Marilyn Monroe, Paris Hilton or Madonna.