Nine Long Hairdos For Prom

Nine Long Hairdos For Prom

Prom is one of the places where a girl wants to stand out and look totally different. It is one of the events that concern her maximum in her school or high school life. Prom is a formal dance which is held by a class in high school or college at the end of the year. A girl spends a lot of time thinking about the dress and shopping for it.

In all this a girl forgets what she should do to her hair. If she goes wrong with her hairstyle, her entire look changes. Therefore, a girl should also spend time deciding on her hairstyle and which look will suit her best. She should never opt for one randomly. Prom holds a lot of importance in a girl’s life and she should utilize it to the maximum. She should take care of everything.

Girls with long hair have a lot of options. They can do a lot of things to their hair. They can try new looks. A girl with long hair can opt for a different hairstyle than her usual ones. This will surely change her appearance.

Best Long Hairdos for Prom


A girl can opt for thick and glossy curls. She should use the large barrel curling iron to get the correct effect and the look for her curls. This is a stunning hairstyle and looks simply awesome on a girl’s hair. To give the curls a glossy and shiny effect one has to use the shine serum, which adds glow to your hair.

Nine Long Hairdos For Prom

The curls should be well defined and bouncy. One should also use a spray to hold them. A girl can also curl her hair with curling thongs. This adds a completely different look to your. Your hair will not look any similar to what it was. Opt for curling them with a thong at the bottom. As to keep doing the curls, keep spraying them with a spray which holds them on. You can pin up the front part of your hair and also let a strand or two fall loosely from the sides. Curls are one of the most trendy and fashionable looks today.


To get the straight hair look, a girl needs to straighten her hair with an iron used for giving that look. A girl should use serum on the ends of her hair to make her hair look shiny.

Using a flat iron can give your hair an extremely smooth look. A girl can also go for a super straight look which makes her hair look stunning. The straight look for a girl’s hair is ultra chic. A girl can leave her hair loose or she can pin it up. One can also put on a hair band. She can also make a pony tail. She can choose any as per her convenience and what suits her most.


Waves look very good on long hair. They add a lot of flow to a girl’s hair. Waves even give a girl’s hair a voluminous look. Waves give a very sweet look to a girl’s look and also adding softness to her look.

Long Hairdos For Prom

It is also a very girly hairstyle. You can leave your hair open or pin it up from the front area. A girl can also pull up her hair to a pony tail.


Braids are formed by intertwining three or more strands of your hair. It is usually done by intertwining three strands of hair. This is one of the oldest looks which prevail even today. It is a very simple look. Girls with long hair usually have to braid their hair for school. So, one can also say that it is a school girl’s look.

It look the best on girls who have extremely long hair or whose length falls below her waist. Others can also opt for it but you need to have a good length of hair for it. A girl should never start braiding her hair from top. She should braid it from the nape of her neck. It looks the best from there. One can also put a flower to get a little retro look. A girl should never braid her hair very tightly. A girl can also let a few strands fall over.


A ponytail is done by pulling up a person’s hair backwards, securing them and tying it. There are many types of ponytails that a girl can opt for. She can make a high ponytail or a low ponytail.

Hairdos For Prom

A girl can also make a side ways pony. A girl can also pin the front part of her hair and then make a pony. Real or artificial flowers can also be added to give a very stylish look. A girl can also make a beehive in the front. Another option she can try is by lifting her hair from the crown area. A ponytail looks very girly yet stylish.

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Ringlet is known as a retro hairstyle. So, all the interesting looking forward to get a retro look can opt for this hairstyle. As the name says they resemble rings. It is done by curling a girl’s hair by using a thin curling iron. They are a little tighter curl than usual curls.

Always use a spray to let the curls last longer. They look very classy and elegant. Always remember not to brush your hair after the ringlets are done, because if you brush them the curls will loosen. Hence, all the pretty girls going for a retro look should try the ringlet style for their hair.

Tie Your Hair from the Top

This is a hairstyle which is being sported by more and more people today. In this the upper half of a girl’s hair is tied or clipped, while the lower half is let lose. It is a very simple yet a stylish hairstyle. If you are running short on time, a girl can always try this hairstyle.


In this hairstyle a girl’s hair is pulled back and wrapped in a circular coil at the back of the head. A girl can opt to make her bun in a lower position than to a high bun.

Nine Long Hairdos For Prom

She can also tie her bun loosely or in an untidy manner. A girl can also tie her bun side ways. A girl can make her bun in numerous ways. She can make her bun more elaborate by embellishing with a flower or fancy clips or hair brooches. A girl has many options on how she can tie her bun. It looks very classy and elegant.

Let your Hair Loose

A girl can simply let her hair lose. If she wants to show the amazing texture and length of her hair she can just let her hair be natural. By this she can flaunt the natural look of her hair. A girl can put her hair to one side with the help of her fingers. This is the simplest way to do your hair. Remember to wash your hair properly before letting it lose. It looks the best.

A girl can do a lot of hairstyles if she has long hair. She should see what she is most comfortable in. a girl can always decorate her hair with various stylish but classy hair accessories. She can opt for hair clips, hair bands, pony holders, tiaras or brooches. All of these will add a certain charm. Be sure of the hairstyle you are sporting. Do your hair in such a style that it does not require your attention every minute and you don’t have to fiddle with it. Make your prom one of the most memorable dances of your life.