Nudie Jeans In Womens Fashion

Nudie JeansA Swedish clothing brand, Nudie jeans has originated in Gothenburg. Nudie gained grounds on making rugged looking raw and pre washed jeans. Mostly, all Nudie Jeans are made in Italy, Turkey, Japan for their high quality fabric.

In the count of around 20 countries, Nudie clothing retails are spread and are running well. Emerging from the rock n roll canvas, Nudie jeans have always epitomised the high-end statement of Jeans. However, Nudie Jeans isn’t merely Jeans but a concept, a craft and an attitude worn. This is the commonest fad in the fashion world too which holds true with the Denim tradition.

Nudie Jeans In Womens Fashion

Fashion Quotient

As because these are versatile and stylish, boil down easily with tank tops, simple graphic tee shirts, shirts or anything. Simply graphic tee shirts are the most preferable options to team up with as the fitting of the jeans can be understood well had paired with graphic tees. This is in turn an ultimate casual outfit option. Also, you can put up a Nudie jeans regardless of your age.

How Nudie Jeans Gels With Your Body Shape

As Nudie Jeans are designer ones, most of the people back off the gamble fearing their imperfect body shape would call in a mess. However, even if you don’t have athletic legs or butts, you can still wear a Nudie Jeans given you’re wearing it in style. As Nudie Jeans have a perfect stretch, you needn’t worry about the fit. Not that Nudie Jeans are only meant for models, otherwise it wouldn’t be one to have become the best in business. If you’re a little bulky, flaunt your Nudie Jeans with a rather casual and loose tee shirt. Tucking in the tee shirt also looks great if paired with commensurate accessories. We Suggest go safe on straight cut Nudies.

Vintage Nudies

Pre washed or vintage Nudies are the most sought after ones. Little over a year ago stone washed or acid washed Jeans flooded the market and became a fashion accessory.Ripped jeans are also available, but all the aforesaid are not so sophisticated ones although great for high-end fashion.

Vintage Nudies

Nudie jeans, in turn are non-counterfeited and embellished with the wearer’s own personality. Nudie jeans may not be good to look at amongst the posh city crown but are the brightest buttons for an expedition in the extended city and beyond.

Wearer’s Comfort

Nudie jeans insist on “do it yourself” style where the jeans are made with complex stitching and acute designing to ensure quality and fashion. These are pre washed in a row of washing options thus come in a very limited colours.Regardless of your lifestyle, let’s say if you’re a college girl/biker girl/working woman, Nudie jeans are the ones you won’t like to miss out on.

Wearer's Comfort

These are the easier options to slip into in hurry. You can also enrich your style by decorating the Nudie with further stains, abrasions, fashion brooches or scrapings. Nudies almost become your second skin which you would like to re-decorate as per your aesthetic merits.Choose a pair of dry Nudies, because they’re lighter in weight while high on style. These ones release the best look of dyed jeans also. Funky hair accessories spell a nice fashion set up with graphic tees and Nudie jeans. Shoe wise, sneakers and casual flats are well accepted with Nudies.

Maintenance of Nudie Jeans

Nudie Jeans being used for a long period, releases dead raising smell. So as to get rid of smell and fungal infection due to sweat you need to maintain a few steps. Rub with a damp cloth in order to remove stains and don’t hang your jeans inside in case of a damp weather. Washing your jeans too early bleeds off the indigo, so this will not be a good bargain. You’re suggested to wash your jeans in 40-5- degree celcius and hang your jeans till complete dry.