Nutrition For Teens

nutritionBeing a teenager is one of the most challenging times of our lives. There is peer pressure, high school, exams and friends that we want to hang out with. Unfortunately, our diets tend to suffer during these tender years and we don’t eat healthy. Fast food seems to become our main staple.

A good diet is essential for proper growth and development. Breakfast, which is the meal that is most important, will jump start your day and provide energy to get you going. If you don’t have time to eat, try a shake or a smoothie, or how about some fresh fruit? Some other great breakfast ideas are whole wheat muffins and hard boiled eggs.

Once you have been in class for a few hours, your stomach starts to grumble and let you know that you are hungry. Lunch is near and a nutritious meal should be on the agenda. But, sometimes studying or chatting with friends can take precedence over eating. Take a sandwich or finger foods such as sliced fruit so you get something good at lunch time to get through the rest of the day.

A high nutrient snack after school will keep you going till dinner time. Popcorn, whole wheat crackers, fruits and even banana chips are a great energy booster after school to keep you going till dinner time. They are packed with essential nutrients and vitamins.

Dinner is family time and should be relaxing to end your day on a good note. It is a time to share your day with the family, talk about school, upcoming projects and friends. Have mom and dad go with something nutritious such as steak or prime rib. Don’t be afraid to try something new like sautéed mushrooms or a salad.

Nutrition is the key as our bodies grow into adults. By starting out with good eating habits, we can continue on with them as we get older and stay healthy and strong. Even as enter the work force, we find that trying to eat healthy can be challenging. It is important to find ways to stay on track and eat healthy foods.

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