Obagi Skin Care For Different Skins

Obagi SkinObagi is a very famous pharmaceutical company, headquartered in California. Formed in 1988, with its revolutionary Obagi Nu-Derm System, it produces dermatologically tested and clinically proven excellent solutions for all skin care needs.

Their motto is Obagi for life-which means a constant promise of a healthier and more beautiful you. The skin care solution is divided into 11 different categories to cater different individual needs on the basis of age and skin type.

Tips For Obagi Skin Care For Different Skins

Nu-Derm System

This is specially formulated to defend the aging process by strengthening the skin’s natural resistance power. It transforms the skin to look younger and glowing.

Nu-Derm System

It effectively combats the 1st signs of aging by making the skin cells active, and revealing a flawless and healthy skin.

Condition & Enhance Systems

This is a unique skin care line that helps to retrieve the glow of the skin by rejuvenating it through cellular levels. It can enhance the effect of cosmetic procedures, performed on the skin.

C Rx System

Collagen is an essential feature in maintaining the skin’s elasticity for youthful look. This range, enriched with the superior qualities of Hydroquinone and Vitamin C, reinforces collagen production.

C Rx System

Its antioxidant properties form barrier to any potential damage to the skin.

Professional C Serums

Environmental damage can lead to unwanted premature aging of skin. To combat this situation, adequate antioxidant treatments become essential part of the skin care system. These serums ensure a high protection from the hazards of extreme sun exposure and leave the skin radiant.

Elastiderm Eye Products

Preliminary signs of aging can be noticed around the eyes, with traces of unpleasant fine lines and puffiness. The products in this range are specially formulated to improve this condition.

Elastiderm Eye Products

They effectively reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles from the eye area to give it a brighter uplift.

Elastiderm Décolletage System

A sexy, deep-cut dress can look inadequate on a wrinkled and sagging neck. This system takes special care of the sensitive neck and chest area by making it firm, toned and radiant.

Elastilash Eyelash Solution

This range promises to give a miraculous eye makeover by turning the lashes voluminous and gorgeous.

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Pimples and acne should be treated from the source. This product is meant to treat and regulate the appearance of acne and pimples from the root. It helps to eradicate the skin from acne and give it a healthy and flawless glow.

Blue Peel

This kit, comprised of 8 small tubes is a peeling system that effectively buff out dead skin cells that is the root cause of dull-looking lifeless skin, to reveal a healthy and bright skin.

Blue Peel Radiance

Blue Peel Radiance

This System is designed especially for tired-looking skin. It works inside the cells by clearing out the dead ones from the surface and enabling the newer ones to come to the surface. A radiant and glowing skin is instantly achieved.

Rosaclear System

Suitable for rosacea-prone skin, this range helps to eliminate redness, without irritating it. It is clinically developed to heal and treat super-sensitive skin with its gentle and soothing qualities.

These are the various skin care ranges from Obagi which are clinically tested and proven to give extraordinary and positive results to various skin problems.