Opt For Proper Diet Plan For Losing Weight

Opt For Proper Diet Plan For Losing Weight

Opt For Proper Diet Plan For Losing WeightAs we all know that in healthy body resides healthy soul, and then you get peace of mind. But, the irony is that despite of knowing it we rarely pay proper attention to what all we eat. Healthy eating is the first step to attain a healthy body; and by healthy body I mean body with no physical and internal illness and with good shape and structure.

You must have heard people cribbing about their those extra kilos which they gained over a period of time, and now since their body shape has been enormously disturbed, they need to get back in shape. But only cribbing is not a solution. To actually reduce that extra flab around your body, you must take the foremost step towards it – that is opting for a proper channelized diet.

Diet Plan for Losing Weight

Crash Diets – A big No!

Many often think that crash diet is the easiest and quickest way to get back in shape. Before questioning me back with ‘why’ and ‘why not’, firstly ask yourself a simple question – While all the way you were eating food enriched with calories and fat did ever you bother to give a wise and sincere thought to your diet?

If no, then why now when things have fallen out of place that you need to track them all and place them together all at once and that too swiftly? Well, maybe it will sound blunt, but not everything happens at your convenience and by ‘just your way’, and so is the case with losing weight. You need to be patient to actually lose weight the right way with proper planning. There are multiple ways to lose weight that you may come across while interacting and asking for suggestions from different people, but the integral solution remains – Proper Diet and Exercise.

Bring Sense to your Regular Diet

To tone your body and stay healthy, many people run after crash diet courses which in turn do more harm to your body than benefiting it. Therefore, your weight loss regime should not be based on some blind assumptions. To begin with, start your day with a glass of lemon juice with honey in lukewarm water which will help reduce harmful acids present in your body.

The Breakfast

Next comes your breakfast which also needs to be planned quite diligently. Since the last night’s dinner you almost starve badly the next morning with all your energies drained out and exhaust completely, therefore a healthy breakfast is a must.

Opt For Proper Diet Plan For Losing Weight

If you don’t mind having eggs, then an omelet prepared out of two white eggs with 2 slices of wheat or brown bread along with skimmed milk is good enough to start off your day. You may also opt for Cornflakes, sprouts, oats or fruit salad in your breakfast with a glass full of juice.

The Lunch

Your Lunch must have one portion of boiled dal, half a plate brown rice, a single chapatti, a bowl of vegetable and curd. Try to keep your lunch fulfilling but a little light too and don’t worry about hunger pangs that you may experience in the latter half of the evening as for that you can always munch 2 Marie Biscuits along with tea to satiate your desire of eating some food.

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The Dinner

Opt For Proper Diet Plan For Losing Weight

Now, for your dinner you may have a vegetable soup along with 2 boiled eggs or a vegetable daliya and some salad. Keeping your dinner light is a mantra for your healthy diet to shed weight. Also ensure that you don’t just jump into your bed right after you are done with your dinner. It’s always advisable to allow yourself a good 3 to 4 hours of time before you finally doze off.

Quick Tips

1. Prefer drinking skimmed milk only
2. Drink plenty of water in a day ( preferably 3-4 litres)
3. Don’t eat bakery products and processed food. You may have some in small portions and that too occasionally.
4. Avoid intake of alcohol.
5. Don’t add sugar to your daily cup of tea or coffee.
6. Don’t overindulge in whatever you eat. Eat in small portions.
7. Add butter milk and vegetable soup to your diet
8. Eat a lot of green leafy vegetables as they are enriched with fibre content. Also consume a lot of fruits.

Essential Nutrients from Food

Proteins are the building blocks of our body and therefore their adequate intake is a must for the proper growth and development of our body. Meat, eggs, fish, lentils and beans are the rich source of proteins so add them to your regular diet chart as well.

Opt For Proper Diet Plan For Losing Weight

Our body derives energy from the foods rich in carbohydrate, therefore zeroing down carbohydrates intake would not do any good to you. On the contrary, you may have 4 to 5 such foods a day to make-up for the carbohydrate requirement in the body. These foods include –

– Chapattis
– Rice
– Potatoes

Vitamins and Minerals are obtained from fruits and vegetables thus they must be included in your diet. You may also eat a handful of dry fruit during the evening time only if your craving begins to distract you.

Exercise is the Mantra

None of your diet plans will be successful without a regular exercise regime. A simple walk for about 30 to 45 minutes a day can also do good to help you reducing weight. Since every time that you hit your gym or exercise you burn extra calories and fat present in your body, it truly helps you lose weight effectively. If you don’t have time for gym you may opt to do regular running, swimming, cycling or playing your favorite sport.

Start to apply these basic rules to your daily diet and see for yourself a good change in your body. Set for yourself a target till when you want to see a difference in you in terms of weight loss. Your target should not necessarily be defined as in how many kilos you want to shed, rather a generic one because it takes a lot of patience to lose weight in a healthy way. After this, make a record of your small milestones achieved to keep motivating yourself. So the next time you step onto a weighing machine, don’t be surprised at your success because you know that after following a strict healthy diet plan for yourself sincerely you ought to have achieved this. Good Luck!