Organic Cosmetics: Natural Way To Beauty

Cosmetics are women’s best friends in life, to a point that even little girls nowadays cannot wait for their prime to try their hands at cosmetics. Thankfully, famous companies have catered to the needs of these little girls too because it would be too dangerous for them to keep using the cosmetics designed for grown-ups.

The birth of The Compact for Safe Cosmetics has answered many disputes on the harmful effects of chemical substances used in the formulation of cosmetics. This means that when a cosmetic company signed this bill, that company has just put its commitment to meet certain standard components set by this agreement, such as the use of organic ingredients, in the making of their beauty products.

Have you realized what your skin can do for you?

1. It is the shield built naturally to protect the internal organs of the humans.
2. It blocks the access of dangerous bacteria and infectious organisms inside our body.
3. It is the first one that warns us by giving signs (allergies, redness, etc.) that we are using harmful products.
4. The moment we directly apply something onto our skin, it will absorb the ingredients into our body either harmful (i.e. propylene glycol) or safe (topical ingredients).

And most importantly, when the skin is glowingly healthy, it makes us beautiful inside and out.

How can organic cosmetics protect us?

For the very obvious reason that they are made of natural ingredients, they should be safe to use even for the younger genre. When the skin absorbs the harmful cosmetics we wear, the ingredients can go further than the surface of the skin causing serious illnesses like dermatitis and even as serious as cancer.

So be vigilant and make it a habit to check the components of the beauty products that you use. Organic cosmetics do not contain harmful chemicals, thus providing safety to our skin and peace of mind to us. Not just because of our personal health, it also spares us from the worries that our little girls will sneak up on us to use our makeup.

With continued use, we are making our skin healthier and at the same time preserving the environment. So throw away those harmful chemical based beauty products in your beauty bag and start using organic ones. After all, who else would benefit from this conscious effort? You!

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