Osteoarthritis – What Is It?

osteoarthritis_As we grow older, we all expect to have a few issues here and there. You know, the usual aches and pains from old age. But, osteoarthritis can strike even when you are still young. This disease is caused from wear and tear on the cartilage between your joints. It does take a few years for it to take effect.

Unfortunately, this is one of the diseases that can affect pretty much every joint in your body. Moving can become very painful and difficult from the swelling in the joints. There is, however, medication that can provide some relief, but there is no cure.

Even though medical science astounds us each and every day, there has yet to be found a reason or cause for this. They have some ideas of the causes, such as heredity, disease to the joints or some sort of injury. Your genes also play a role also.

Of course, there is also the weight issue. Your body struggles when it has to carry to much excess weight which puts pressure on your joints. When the body has to work too hard, this pressure can cause a multitude of health issues. And as you know, as we age, our bodies do not stay as strong, so muscle tissue and our joints take a beating.

Your gene pool was mentioned earlier and that can also play a role in osteoarthritis. It is possible that your parents may have passed on a gene to you that can cause this disease as well. If you are planning a visit to the doctor for a physical, you should ask your parents or someone in your family if anyone has had this disease. This way, you can properly inform the physician and they can watch for signs.

Keep in mind that there is treatment for the disease, just not a cure. If treated properly, you can still live a normal life. Folks with arthritis do it everyday. So, if you start to feel achy, don’t chalk it up to arthritis or normal aches and pains. Make a visit to your doctor to be on the safe side.

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