Party Hairstyling Tips

hairWith Christmas and New Year’s parties upon us, we have little time to breathe let alone to worry about our hair. Up-dos are the way to go when you have an evening party to attend. You will look sleek and beautiful and ready for any type of occasion.

If you have an office party to attend and there will be no time to go home first, a braided ponytail will give you fun, playful hair in minutes. Before you leave for work in the morning simply put small braids in your hair and put into a pony tail. When work ends and before the party begins, undo the braids to have wavy, sexy hair for the party. Take a travel size bottle of hairspray with you in your purse to hold the style in place.

When you have a classy party to attend, a chignon is perfect for the occasion. Simply put your hair into a low pony tail. Then, give your hair a twist and make a large loop. Use a serum to give your hair a shine and make it easier to work with. You can also pull off an up loop for this type of evening. Put your hair into a pony tail and then pull it half way through the band once again. You will want to be sure that you have some loose strands hanging to give this a classy look.

If your hair is short, use some glitter and even a few clips to give your hair that extra style. Hair bands work great as well. Always keep a few hair clips that sparkle on hand just in case you get invited to that last minute party. You should also keep hair powder on hand as well. This will spruce up lifeless locks and have you ready in no time.

Remember, a ponytail is a timeless style that is great no matter what your age is. It’s quick and easy so that you can be ready at a moment’s notice. Don’t forget to keep bobby pins handy as well.