Pectoral Exercises For Women

The pectoral muscles are located in the chest and divided into two parts. Pectoralis major is located at the front rib cage and the pectoralis minor is located under the pectoralis major muscle. In women, these muscles are under the breasts and the visibility of these muscles depends upon the breast size as breasts tend to hide it.

Women can perform a range of movements due to the presence of these pectoral muscles. You need to do a broad workout to make these muscles very active and strong. Some of the pectoral exercises for women are discussed here:

Pectoral Exercises For Women


This is one of the simplest chest exercises that will work on different pectoral muscles. The basic push up in which the feet will be on the floor and the hands shoulder width apart is the best pectoral exercise. Now to concentrate on your upper chest, you have to put your feet on an elevated place like a bench while doing pushups.


In case you are facing difficulty to do normal pushups then you can place your knees first on the floor and then when you start feeling comfortable then do the pushups hard by making a diamond shape with the help of your fingers and putting the hands under the chest.

Bench Presses

The pectorals can be modified with the use of bench presses. This is somewhat similar to push ups. In the basic bench press, you have to lie straight on a bench with a dumbbell.

Bench Presses

Push the dumbbell upside from your chest till the arms become straight and then come back down. Repeat 15 times in 3 sets. Now to give emphasis on the pectoralis major, you should use an incline bench for bench press and decline bench for minor pectoralis.


Pectoral muscles in a female body help to pull the arms across the chest. In the same way fly exercise is done. Now to do it, lie on a bench with a dumbbell in your both hands above the chest.

Fly Pectoral Exercises For Women

Lower the weights onto the both sides, just making a slight bend in your elbows till the time you feel a stretch in your chest. Now pull back the dumbbells .You can do this pectoral exercise on an incline or decline bench to target the major and minor pectoralis.


Pullover exercise is for both major and minor pectoralis.Now to do it, you need to take a hold of a dumbbell and lie on a bench with upper back on the bench and lower body in front side, bent your knees and feet onto the ground. Hold your body in this position. Take a grip of the dumbbells in your hands just above the chest by keeping your elbows bent. Now lower the dumbbells behind your head till your upper arms become parallel to your whole body. Repeat this 15-20 times in 3 sets.


Stretching is a very important aspect of every exercise. You should do stretching before, during and after any exercise to make your muscles long. In case your muscles become tight then they will be less powerful and sore.

Stretching Pectoral Exercises

A good pectoral stretch is that will make your chest feeling stretched.Now to do this, hold one arm out to your side and place other hand on the doorway. Move your body away from arm till the time you start feeling stretched. Repeat this with other arm. To stretch your upper and lower parts of the chest, you can raise your arms.