Peptic Ulcer Symptoms

peptic-ulcersA peptic ulcer is a sore that typically forms in the stomach, along the digestive tract or in the esophagus. Most peptic ulcers result from an infection in the area where the peptic ulcer is located.

They can also be the result of prolonged usage of specific types of medication. Peptic ulcers are medically referred to as PUD. A person with peptic ulcers will feel incredible pain in their abdomen. There are many reasons why a person may develop peptic ulcers disease and there are a variety of symptoms.

The following article will explore what causes peptic ulcers. In addition, we will discuss some warning signs that may indicate that you have peptic ulcer. Read through this article to learn more about peptic ulcers.

What causes peptic ulcer?

Peptic ulcers tend to occur based on what the person consumes. They may also occur due to a person’s lifestyle. Peptic ulcers are related to a person’s diet. If a person eats very spicy food quite often, they can harm the lining of their stomach, their upper intestine or esophagus. Peptic ulcers may also occur if a person consistently overeats or eats heavy food.

Drinking coffee and alcohol in excess can also cause peptic ulcers. A person whose body produces too much acid, a condition also known as hyperacidity, may be susceptible to getting peptic ulcers. Peptic ulcers can also occur when the person is dealing with a constant overwhelming amount of stress, emotional problems or nervousness.

Certain drugs such as anti-inflammatory medications or stimulants such as cigarettes may also be responsible for peptic ulcers surfacing in a person’s body.

What are symptoms of a peptic ulcer?

Peptic ulcers are very painful in nature. A person with a peptic ulcer will feel intense pain and discomfort in their abdominal area. The excess of acid can cause the person to feel bloated or have heartburn.

Other symptoms that are common amongst people with peptic ulcers are constant belching and a non-stop feeling of nausea coupled with vomiting. If a person has a peptic ulcer, he or she may see blood either in their vomit or in their bowel movements. The discomfort can cause a person to lose appetite and therefore, lose weight.

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