Perfect Gel Nail At Home Tips

attractive nail polishBeautifully done nails are eye pleasing and boost the confidence of the wearer. Sadly, the effect doesn’t last long. When you use regular nail polish, it chips off in a couple of days leaving you with odd looking nails.

You either have to clean up your nails and apply fresh coat or hide them in public.

Get a Gel Nail Done at Home

Gel polish on the other hand is long lasting. The nail paint stays on for two to three weeks. While the nail job is usually done at salons, women hard pressed for time or without easy access to salons can try gel nail polish at home. While the gel equipment is a bit expensive, it can be used for 15-20 nail paint jobs.

The Gel Equipment

Now that you have decided to try your hand at painting your hands at home, there are basic items you need to buy for the gel kit. You will need a small UV lamp or a LED lamp. The UV lamp is safe when used infrequently or with protective gloves on the hands. Use the LED lamp, if you are concerned about the skin cancer risk associated with UV light.

UV lamp

Next is the set of three – the foundation, the nail polish and the top coat/top it off. Women willing to spend extra can go in for a complete gel product that combines all the three. Finally, you will need some nail cleaner or Isopropyl Alcohol – 99% concentration, nail wipes or cotton balls, sunscreen – 30 SPF and protective gloves that only leave the nail area open to exposure.

Nail Preparation

Apply the sunscreen to your hands. If you have natural long nails and  recently trimmed ones, then you can skip all the steps except cleaning the nail tip. If your nail needs trimming, use the standard procedure. Trim your nails, push back the cuticles and file the nail ends. Add an artificial nail extension and do the trimming and filing. Shape them in any way you want. Clean the nail with the alcohol or cleaner soaked wipe and remove any dead skin or dust on the nail.

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Apply the Gel Foundation

Your nail is ready for some gel treatment. Put on gloves that have been cut at the top and leave enough room for the nail to be painted and cured. Use the gel foundation and apply a thin coat to your nails. Start with the nail tip and do the rest of the nails. Don’t get the foundation on the skin or near the cuticle.

gel foundation

Place each hand in the UV or LED lamp for a minute. This is termed as curing the nails. You can run an alcohol soaked wipe on the nails to  give it a smooth finish.

Gel Nail Polish Coats

Choose a gel polish color and apply it in the same way as regular polish. Apply on the nail edges and then coat the entire nails in smooth strokes. Place your hand in the lamp for 3 minutes. Repeat with the other hand. Apply another coat of gel polish and repeat the curing procedure. You nails are almost done. Clean the nail up with more alcohol if it feels tacky..

Use The Top It Off

To get the perfect gel nail polish finish, use a top it off. Apply it on the nail edges followed by the rest of the nails. Ensure that you cover the entire nail area else the gel polish won’t last long. Cure it under the lamp for three minutes, one hand at a time.

top it off

Voila! You have nails that are perfectly done  just like the television commercials or the glossy magazine ads. The gel painted nails can withstand everyday activity including exposure to water.