Perfecting The Candida Diet

candida-dietYou aren’t the only thing that calls your body home. You are also hosting a group of tiny micro-organisms called Candida. These organisms are usually found in the mouth, throat, urinary tract, and intestines. A few of these organisms aren’t a problem, but if you have a higher than normal level, the Candida can be toxic.
The hazards of Candida

Researchers have found that the reason the Candida start multiplying in rapid quantities is directly connected to the amount of yeast cells in our body. When your body has too much Candida you will start to experience oral thrush, yeast infections, and skin infections. People whose immune systems are compromised are more prone to Candida related infections than people with well developed immune systems.

What is the Candida diet?

The best way to make sure that Candida doesn’t have an adverse effect on your health is to think about starting something called the Candida diet. The Candida diet isn’t complicated. You don’t have to worry about counting calories, or eliminating carbohydrates, or only eating  on nights that have a full moon!. All you have to do when you are on the Candida diet is avoid eating foods that have a high yeast content.

Foods to avoid

Stay far away from yeast filled dairy products such as milk, cheese, and ice cream. Obviously you should avoid foods that have yeast as one of their ingredients, such as white bread, gravy, and corn powder.

While you are on a Candida diet you should avoid ingesting sugar. Sugar encourages the reproduction of Candida organisms. Stay away from candy, soda pops, and processed fruit drinks. The maximum amount of sugar you should consume when you are engaged in a war against Candida is 60 grams.

What you can eat

Foods that are a part of the Candida diet are Rice cakes and oat cakes, unprocessed meat, carrot juice, water, eggs, brown flour, herbal teas (don’t add sugar), onions, and unprocessed fish.

Herbal Remedies

In addition to the Candida diet there are some natural remedies that can speed up the results. You can try Garlic capsules, oregano oil, aloe, and olive leaf capsules.

Most people report an improvement in their health 2-4 weeks after starting the Candida diet.