Planning Hair And Makeup For South Asian Brides

South Asian BridesSouth Asian weddings are generally extravagant and lavish. The bride is dressed like a queen on that day and the whole day centres around her. Starting from the way she talks, laughs, dresses up and looks, everything needs to be perfect.

So she has to take ample care to choose the right kind of costume and makeup for the occasion. Here are some useful hair & makeup preparation tips for would be South Asian brides:

Best Hair And Makeup For South Asian Brides

Hire A Pro

The costume for South Asian bride is generally very lavish with lots of handworks and embellishments. It is difficult for an amateur to put on makeup that goes well with the dress and event. It is best to hire an expert for your makeup and book her well in advance if your wedding falls during the weekend or on a Holiday. Try to research a bit on her earlier work and see if you are comfortable with her style.

Hire A Pro

Prepare a realistic budget for your makeup from beforehand. Plan from the time you book the makeup pro, how long you want her to spend. You have to remember that if you want a well-known artist to be there for the entire day, she will be available only with a very high price tag. Try to make his time and effort worth by introducing to prospective clients on the day.

Make Schedule

South Asian weddings generally are a long time affair. The bride needs to be present throughout the day for some or the other events, like Mehendi or any religious ceremony. Try to make a plan and approximate time to be spent for those events.

Let your makeup artist know about your schedule for the day so that they can allot the time from beforehand.You should also see the person you have chosen should be available and reachable when required. Try to get proper contact information from beforehand and see that her schedule for that day does not clash with another client.

Trial Session

Book a trial session with the makeup artist to try out the exact kind of look you want to sport. It is best not to experiment on the wedding day. Get all the outfits you will be wearing on the day. Don’t forget to get the Dupatta or Veil too. This will be easier for the makeup artist to get the exact shades and products to carry on the day. Try to get a camera and see how the makeup looks in photographs.

Trial Session

Try to get some pictures of hairstyles you would love to try. If you get the veil it would be easier to plan for a suitable hairstyle that will be comfortable on that day. Try to discuss the look and shades with the artist and don’t impose your choice of shades on her. She is an expert in the art and will know more about complexions and colours than anyone.

The Big Day

Once you have planned for your makeup from beforehand you will be much relaxed on your wedding day. Try to arrange for your makeup artist’s schedule from at least a few hours before the actual event. It is best that you wash your hair the day before to get more volume and less fly aways. Try to make the room less crowded when the makeup is applied.

This will make you more comfortable and will enable the makeup artist to do her work without any interruptions. Once she can concentrate she can create magic with her brushes and make you look gorgeous.