Post Laser Skin Care

Care of skin post a sitting of laser hair reduction is very important. Here are some important points to follow. Avoid excessive and direct sunlight exposure for three to four days after the sitting. Laser treatments make the skin very vulnerable to the sun and the chances of skin getting a sun burn from exposure to UV rays are pretty high.

Moreover, skin darkened by the sun is more difficult to treat by laser. Consult your dermatologist and apply a suitable sunscreen daily before stepping out in the sun. Reapply the sunscreen every four hours if there is fresh exposure to sunlight.

Use normal cold water for the next twelve hours. If there is excessive redness or discomfort, please splash cold water or apply a cold compress. A cold compress usually comprises of a cloth dipped in cold water, which is pressed on the treated area for comfort.

Discontinue products containing retino-A or AHA seven days prior to and post your service. Please consult with your dermatologist if you are using any anti-aging or anti-pimple cream to check the ingredients. Patients with skin disorders are usually exempted from laser treatments.

Please avoid swimming for the next three to four days. Resume exercises after a day, and sauna after a couple of days. This is to protect the skin from being exposed to sunlight.

Please do not wax, thread, pluck or bleach the hair on the area to be treated throughout the service. This might affect the nature of hair follicles during regrowth. Laser hair reduction treatment is dependent on the way hair grows in between treatments and targets hair in the growing stage. Parlor activities can be resumed after a gap of seven days post the service. Use only a hair removing cream or razor in between treatments, in order to remove hair on the area to be treated with laser.

You can apply eye and lip makeup immediately after the service. Other cosmetics may be used only after twelve hours. Do not use dyes or mehendi on the area to be treated throughout the service.

Keep in mind the above points and make your laser hair reduction treatment a success!